About Me

10 Things About Me

1.) I'm from New Hampshire, North Carolina, Pennsylvania, and California. I'll explain. I was born and raised in Meredith, NH but moved to Charlotte/Huntersville/Mooresville/Cleveland, NC when I was a teenager. My husband (fiance at the time) and I moved to Jefferson Hills, PA in May of 2008 and then we got married and moved to Burbank, CA in January 2010. We now consider CA our permanent residence.

2.) I am a teacher.

Me teaching at Agape Day Treatment Program in Monessen, PA

3.) My husband and I were married on our 7th anniversary, October 27, 2009. Love him!

My favorite wedding picture.

4.) I do not own a washer and dryer. Since we have moved  so much over the last few years we have never been able to settle anywhere long enough to purchase one. It's a big commitment. I do laundry every 2 weeks at the local laundry matt...and quite frankly it's one of my guilty pleasures because I love people watching and it's the perfect place to do it.

5.) My favorite book of all time: The Giver by Lois Lowry. I always had a dream of writing the screen play for the book to become a movie. Unfortunately, a recent search on IMDb revealed that someone beat me to it.

6.) My favorite movie of all time: Big Fish directed by Tim Burton. I cry every time.

7.) I love to bake. I also like to watch TV shows that involve baking (except Cake Boss on TLC- I can't stand Buddy's voice!)

This was first try using fondant, it's Carl's 30th Birthday Cake. I hand painted the Ghostbusters Logo.

8.) I have 2 tattoo's. One of which I hid from my mother for 2 years before she saw it peeking out below my shirt one day. She actually liked it too...I hid it for nothing. It's a Gill Elvgren pin-up girl called 'Teacher's Pet'. I love anything related to pin-up girls.

9.) I own "the world oldest cell phone". Not really. I have had the same cell phone for 6 years...it's a Nokia from Virgin Mobile and I wouldn't trade it in for the world! I got cell phone service in the middle of the dessert while driving across the USA!

10.) I am Living and Loving in California.