Monday, April 25, 2011

Best Spring Break Ever

I took a little blogging hiatus but I am back now and I can't wait to share the stories from  the best spring break ever!

I was really ready for Spring Break from school anyway, but this year I had reason to be a little more excited about my week off. My mom came to town! I hadn't seen my mom since we moved to California 16 months ago. She booked her plane tickets back in February and we've been counting down the days ever since.

Day 1 started off with a trip to Disneyland. Carl and I had never been before but my mom had been when she was younger.  

I got a little sun burn on my arms during the day and then had to buy a pair of pants that night because it got really chilly.  The firework show over the castle made for a beautiful end to our day. 

Mom and I spent the 2nd day of her trip preparing for our 3rd day because we had tickets to 

The Price is Right!

I had signed for tickets back in February when she first booked her ticket and it was the one thing we both really wanted to do more than anything else. When I double checked the tickets on-line we found out that the taping we signed up for was going to be their Mother's Day Special so we made special Mother's Day shirts to wear. 

We got in line at a little before 5 AM and seven hours later we waked into the studio and found our seats in THE FRONT ROW!!!! Holy Cow! Although we didn't get called on stage, we had an awesome time that was well worth the wait. Watch The Price Is Right on Friday, May 6th and look for us right behind contestants row!

On Wednesday we returned to CBS Studio and watched a taping of Craig Ferguson. No pictures of course but if you go to this website and listen at the 3:45 mark you'll be able to hear Carl laughing. 

On Thursday we did  little laundry and I prepared for "Sweepers" at bowling. It was the last night of bowling for the season and we finished dead last...a far cry from our summer triumph  last year.

On Friday we headed over to Warner Brothers Studio for their VIP Tour. Most shows are on hiatus for the season now and seeing as how it was Good Friday there weren't any stars to be seen  on the lot. We still had a good time and got a few photo's in. 

Then later that night we took a trip  to the Santa Monica Pier to enjoy the view and the chilly ocean breeze. 

Zoom in a little closer and you'll see that some CRAZY people were actually taking a dip. 

We ate a nice dinner at Finn McCool's Irish Bar and Restaurant in Santa Monica and then  headed home. 

The week went by way to fast and before we knew if my mom's trip and my Spring Break was over. But we had an awesome time and it was the Best Spring Break ever!


  1. glad your back...I was actually thinking I hadn't seen anything on your blog in a while! Sounds like you had lots of fun!

  2. I'm so glad you had an awesome spring break!

    I remember the only time we went to California - we went in June. You know the beaches in NC are plenty warm and the water may be a little chilly in June, but sometimes it's not so bad to do a little swimming. Well, my mom was dying to go to the beach while we were there. So my great aunt & uncle dropped us off for the day. I don't think we've EVER been so cold! They didn't bother to warn us that the water was still cold!!! And the beach itself wasn't that warm either! :) Needless to say, my mom was greatly disappointed!

  3. Yeah...I agree with Jenn...too cold for me ;) Time goes by fast enough everyday...let alone when you are on vacation! Even when you are trying to "be in the moment" next thing you know it next week and you are caught looking back and wondering where all those "moments" got away too! Good thing you have lots of photos and your blog to remember them by...keep on blogging ;) So glad you guys had such a good time...someday we'll get out there but looks like it will have to be next year with all our vacations booked this year. Do you believe it's almost May!!! Yikes!

  4. I had a blast, back pain and all! LOL Now I'm back to work with more work than I can handle! I am slammed! Then last night I punctured my left toe ( base of large toe, just above toe pad) with a 3" piece of bamboo that had embedded itself in my carpet! I have been hobbling around all day and the Doc gave me a tetanus shot - I'm gonna have a sore arm tomorrow! (along with everything else that hurts! LOL)

  5. I missed you! I'm so glad your mom was able to come out for a visit. It looks like you had a wonderful time.

    "...go to this website and listen at the 3:45 mark you'll be able to hear Carl laughing." Made me laugh out loud. :o)



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