Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Too gross to share but too funny not to share

This is bathroom have been warned!

After not seeing her husband for a week my friend and her husband sat down at a restaurant for a nice dinner. After dinner they decide to go to an electronics store. They went in to look at TV's which are located all the way in the back on the left side of the store. Just as they get to the TV aisle my friend suddenly and without warning is struck with tummy trouble. My friend dashes to the bathroom located in the front, right side of the store. As my friend nears the restroom a store clerk wheels one of those giant ladders in front of the restroom door and manages to get it stuck on a sign hanging over head. My friend debates on whether or not to climb under the ladder or give it a giant shove to un-stick it from the sign....thankfully the clerk figures it out with out my friends assistance. My friend makes it to the restroom only to be followed in by a store employee. My friend waits patiently for the employee to leave so that she doesn't embarrass herself by making unflattering unladylike noises.

My friend enters the stall only to realize that there is another patron siting in the neighboring stall who is also apparently having tummy trouble. My friend finds this hilarious since both her and the other patron  are now sitting side by side in silence waiting for the other one to make their move. My friend starts laughing hysterically and is unable to "contain" herself which only causes more laughing. Finally the neighbor patron leaves (probably because she thought my friend was laughing at her) and my friend is left in peace and quiet...for about 2 seconds before a new potty patron enters the neighboring restroom stall and sits down beside her. My friend decides that this situation can't get any worse and texts her husband (who is still in the TV aisle) to meet her at the car.

My friend cried with laughter all the way home...her husband did not.

For the record I would like to remind you that EVERYONE poops...just not everyone talks about it. 

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