Saturday, March 19, 2011

Potato Overdose

If it were possible to overdose on potatoes than I think my husband is at serious risk. 

I decided to clean out the refrigerator, freezer, and cabinets this afternoon instead of sitting on my *** watching mindless TV. Although, considering the TV is about 10 feet from the kitchen, I guess you can say I listened to mindless TV while I cleaned. 

Back to the point...

In order to clean the freezer I took everything out of it. 

Taking the bags of frozen French fried potato products out of the freezer was like watching clowns get out of  a car at the circus. They just kept coming! *That's what she said*

See what  I mean...

That's 1 un-opened bag of roasted potato wedges
1 open bag of steak fries
3 un-opened bags of Tater Rounds (think tater tots but squished flat)
and 4 OPEN bags of Crispy Stix fries!!!!

You know how much space all these bags were taking up? A lot.

All the open bags met the trash can after I took their photo while the un-opened bags found a new home on the top shelf of the freezer.  

I am now officially on potato strike and refuse to buy another frozen potato product until the last tater round is consumed. 


  1. Okay I'm confused? Why did you throw out the open bags? There are frozen's not like they go bad...or do they get freezer burn like green beans? Wouldn't know since I don't buy potatoes of any kind...unless I'm making potatoe salad like I did this weekend to go with ribs ;)

  2. Maybe it's a guy thing because my husband is always buying those frozen french fries. We bake them instead of frying them, but I'm kind of getting sick of them. Maybe I'll clean the refrigerator too..

  3. I solved that problem by making my own :-) a .99 slicer from Dollar Store and an old 3 qt sauce pan turns out great howm made fries. However, it does take about 3 weeks to clean off all the grease splatters :-)

  4. begs to ask....were there coupons involved in the purchase of them thar taters? LOL I wish I could eat taters all the time...but then I'd look more like Stay Puff man! bwahahaha

  5. I always have several opened bags of fries too. Every once in a while we have a frozen potato buffet for dinner. :o)

  6. Denying a man his taters

    Sounds like grounds for divorce

  7. Wow!! But it all looks so yummy......


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