Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Turning the Table and Upsetting the Apple Cart

While I type this my husband is in the bed snoring like a baby and has been for the better part of an hour. My, my, how the tables have turned.

Each morning I get up at 6 AM and go about my business getting ready while my husband remains cozy in bed until 9 AM since he doesn't have to be to work until 10.

I make my weak coffee.

I check my  e-mail, Facebook, and Google Reader.

I complete my "morning routine" in peace and quiet.

And every night I struggle to keep my eyes open past 9 PM because I only got 6 hours (if lucky) of sleep the night before. Side note: Why do the best TV shows come on after 9 PM?

Well this week we have turned the tables and upset the apple cart.

Carl is working at a friend's shop this week and has to be to work at 8AM. Since we only have one car he has to get up and drive me to work and then drive to work himself. Side note: Go figure that the week gas prices shoot up is the week that Carl has to commute to work instead of walk. 

Anyway...this means that Carl crawls out of bed before me and makes the nastiest, strongest coffee I've ever tasted. It's gross.

This also means that he gets to the computer first so I am stuck sitting on the sofa watching news I don't care about instead of checking how popular I am.

And instead of "completing my morning routine" in peace and quiet I now have a full grown adult knocking on the door asking me how much longer I am going to be and telling me how much time I have left before we have to leave.

2 people with OCD morning routines (and one bathroom) should not attempt to get up and get ready at the same time, it upsets the apple cart!

However, the are a few perks to this new schedule...

Carl washes my coffee cup for me so it's ready for when I roll out of bed 10 minutes after him. Side note: That's right, I leave my dirty coffee cup overnight! Don't judge me!

Carl is so tired at night that I get control of the remote when we get into bed.  He's out like a light as soon as his  head hits the pillow. Good bye Family Guy & The History Channel and Hello Teen Mom 2!!!!!! Side note: I actually like Family Guy. 

Another perk...maybe, just maybe Carl will now understand why I often fall asleep before my head even hits the pillow and why *** is the last thing on my mind. I am contemplating going over to the bed right now and waking him up and asking him if he wants *** to show him how annoying it is...on second thought he'll probably wake right up and tell me to jump on.

I just can't win.


  1. Another SIDE NOTE...this is also the week that you are PMSing! Ain't love grand ;) You kinda wrote the same type of post as I did...only I left out the physical stuff...like my boobs blowing up like ballooooonnnssss...and DH had better not EVEN think about touchin' them...lol

  2. Girl, you always make me laugh! Just waitn until you have kids and have an extra person to get ready...and can we all have a good laugh about Roberta's boobs blowing up like BALLOOOONSSS?

  3. I feel your pain! My morning time is sacred!! And have you tried watching stuff on Hulu? It has revolutionized our TV watching-- no more going to bed super late :)

  4. This cracks me up. I too have a morning routine and when my hubs is home it disrupts our school routine. (I homeschool.) I try to just roll with it. Hang in there.


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