Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Never too old to finger paint

That is the title I came up with for my art themed bulletin board for Open House Night at school. Here's a look at my finished board. 

A closer look at the signs...

Those are my hands. If I had planned ahead a little better than I would have had my students do the sign language letters, but I didn't think of this until well after 4 PM yesterday. 

I'm really pleased with the finger paint portrait that I did, it came out much better than I had envisioned. To bad I only had 1 parent show up for Open House Night. Oh well, I got the job done and I'm happy with it and at least my room is nice and SUPER clean again. 


  1. Pretty neat idea !!!

  2. The board came out fantastic and I love your hand-signing photos...great idea! Wish more parents would take the time to show up...oh you said...there is always a bright side to everything.

  3. super duper cool job! I love the creativity!


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