Saturday, February 26, 2011

Blogging Brain Fart

Yup, I'm having a blogging  brain fart. I can't think of anything to write about that is of any substance so instead I'll present some of the random things that have been floating around in the bowels of my mind causing brain farts...

It's raining with a little hail and freezing rain here in southern California. Are hail and freezing rain the same thing?

Last night I auditioned to be  on the show Wipe Out.  I have a picture of the costume that I wore but it's a really bad picture of me so I refuse to post it. I will tell you  I wore a spandex body suit and a cape and I'll leave the rest to your imagination.

There are only 7 weeks left until my spring break and then after spring break there are only 8 weeks of school until summer. Not that I want to wish the year away, but I'm ready for vacation.

My mom has booked her ticket to fly to California for my spring break and I'm super excited to see her. Fingers crossed, we'll be going to The Price is Right when she's here. I've watched that show since I was in Kindergarten.

I finally scheduled a hair appointment. My husband surprised me on my birthday with a gift card to the Dylan Keith Salon...I think he was hinting to me that I need to dye my hair. He's right, the gray has taken over and I'm feeling old.

Every day I tell myself that I will demonstrate some self control and limit  myself to one Diet Coke from the vending machine at work but it's like a drug and I end up having 2-3 instead.

I'm avoiding the  housework by sitting here typing randomness instead. I  think my husband and I are secretly competing to see which one of us will break down and do the dishes first...I think he's going to win.

I haven't shaved my legs in 4 weeks, there goes that New Years resolution.

Random, I know. I'll go take some Gas-X to help with the bran fart.


  1. 1) Maybe you should give us a couple of your superduper header posts to stir up your bloggy juices.

    2) Sleet and freezing rain are NOT the same thing.

    Sleet starts out as snow high in the atmosphere, then it MELTS on the way down, but REFREEZES into a tiny little ice ball before hitting the ground.

    Freezing rain starts out as rain, falls as rain, lands as rain, and THEN freezes to the surfaces which it hits.

    Man - - - I'm sure glad I get to use all my Earth Science skilz for SOMETHING!!!

    3) I haven't shaved my legs all winter - - - what's the use when I'm bundled up like an Eskimo until it warms back up????

  2. Okay sweetie...SNAP OUT OF IT ;) I just dedicated this post to you bunches!

  3. Haha don't feel bad.... I get those ALL the time!

  4. Don't feel bad..I haven't shaved my legs since I was on the high school swim team...40 years ago :-)

  5. It seems we all have had a brain fart today. My blog was about this stupid reality show I watch. I think it's the snow/freezing rain/sleet freaky weather we're having.

  6. I think you should either post the picture or take another one - even if you have to stage it yourself! LOL Avenge away my dear! LOL If gasx could really work on brain farts, then I'd be a happy camper! LOL I have not shaved my legs in 4 months....but since I'm old, they are few and far between now....and you know what? No one sees mine! LOL

  7. Is it strange that my prayers are going to be solely dedicated to you making it on wipeout?!?

  8. You auditioned for Wipe Out? How was it? That sounds awesome!!


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