Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Who ever wrote the song 'The Itsy Bitsy Spider' is a liar!

I think I have written before about the ridiculous number of spiders that seem to be in every corner of this house. But just in case I've never mentioned it before,  there are a ridiculous number of spiders in every corner of this house.  I can clean every night and the next day they'd all be back.

Most of them don't both me. They live in their corner and  stay out of my way. One spider in particular has made a home for the last 6 months in the porch light on our front patio. I don't mind this spider. It makes it's web each night and then by the next morning it crawls back into the light future. Our paths never cross, just the way  I like it.

But last night one of the indoor corner spiders crossed my path and I was not amused. After coughing for the better part of an hour last night (I  have a slight cold) I was finally able to begin drifting into la-la land. Just as I was about to doze I felt a little tickle by my ear so I opened my eye to investigate. Just as I open  my eye I see it, a friggin' spider crawling across my blanket! Needless to say I flew out of bed as quick as a tick with a flame on it's bum. After killing (yes, I killed it!) the spider and disposing of it I tried to get re-settled into bed...but that was not easy and resulted in another bout of coughing.

I hate spiders!

On a side note, do you know how hard it is to blow your nose when it's broken? Not easy.


  1. ouch to the nose and the creepy crawlers :-)

  2. Poor Cortney. That has to hurt like hell.

    That's the way I am with spiders. If they respect my space, I'll respect theirs. BUT! If they are in MY space, all bets are off. :o)

    Feel better soon. La

  3. Ahhh...you need to get your landlord to spray for spiders...especially on the inside...they are good on the outside for killing flys and mosquitos though ;) We have to spray our doors every month in the winter and every week in the summer to keep the bugs out of the house...it's part of being in warmer weather and I can put up with it in lieu of snow any day ;)
    So sorry about your cold and nose...ouch!

  4. I want to laugh, but I don't want you to think I'm not sympathetic! BWAHAHHAHAH ahem, oh my - poor baby! he he he. You know you are gonna have 20 days of rain now right? LOL just kidding, it's only 10...no really, at least 2!
    Tell the landlady to get have the exterminator spray!!!! Or go to Home Depot or Lowe's and ask them what to buy....or, go a spider hunting every night and spray/swat/squash them suckers!

  5. oh me too!!!! they are all still frozen here....good thing. Ick Ick Ick

  6. Oh goodness - - - I have SOMEHOW missed some of your posts!

    I HATE spiders too and though I've killed many a one IN my house - - - NEVER have I awakened to find one crawling on ME. You'd have heard the scream all the way to Cali if THAT had ever happened to me!


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