Sunday, February 27, 2011

I blog naked

Now that I have your is a little more randomness that has spilled from my brain to my fingers. 

Yesterday we got a little rain/sleet/freezing rain/ hail/ decide what to call it because I'm still not sure which category this fits into. 


I just got back from CVS and I am super proud of the savings I was able to get with the sales and coupons. Here's what I got...

The retail price for all these goodies is $39.43 but that's  not what I paid! My total only came to $19.08. I think I'm most proud of my savings on the deodorant which retails for $4.89 each and I  scored them for $1.50 each AND my deal on the GAIN fabric softener sheets which retail for $4.99 but I got them for $1.99. I can see how people can get addicted to coupon clipping!


ACTIVIA came out with yet another product that I have to try. I can't wait to see what kind of nick-name my husband comes up with for this one. My ACTIVIA addiction is really out of control but I don't think they have Rehab for yogurt addicts. 


I don't know what the gas prices are like where you live right now but here in Southern California they aren't pretty. If they had coupons for gas I would clip them until my fingers fell off. There is one gas station that is trying to get $4.11 per gallon...can you say boycott? Why would anyone pay $4.11 when there is a station across the street that has the same thing for $3.69? Even if I ran out of gas I would fill a Big Gulp cup with gas from the cheap station and walk it back to my car before I pay $4.11 by choice. 



It might look like just another shade of brown but look closer...

I got sick and tired of the gray so I got a new do'. Like it?
I'm a human chameleon. 


And last but not least, the title of this post is true...I blog naked. I just  happen to get some of my best idea's in the shower so it's really convenient for me to hop out, dry off, and start typing ASAP before I loose them to another 'bout  of brain farts. My husband thought it was hilarious and took a picture...which I will NOT be posting here, sorry if that disappoints you (Jeff)...*just saying*.


Thank you to everyone who left a comment on my last uninspired post, you helped me defeat the brain farts. Unfortunately I am now left with a little brain diarrhea and can't seem to stop spouting randomness. On a final side note, why is the word diarrhea so hard to spell and why doesn't it come up in spell  check...I had to Google it to find the proper spelling!


  1. I believe, ma'am, that what you have there is called sleet.

    Of course - - - if it rains, sleets, and snows all at the same time, then you have what folks around these here parts call "wintry mix."

    Nice hair, ma'am.

  2. In order to truly "get" my previous comment it MUST be read in your best John Wayne voice.

  3. Absolutely LOVE the hair! LOVE it! gorgeous!

  4. LOVE your new hairdoo! The color is so pretty...and doesn't it just make you feel better when you get your hair done? That's the one thing I will not give up...just getting a trim, let alone coloring it...makes you feel all fresh n'fancy. If that makes me high maintenance...than so be it...but here it's just the Southern Way ;) Coupons to me are just a way of "paying myself" and then you can afford to get your hair done as often as you want...right? lol

  5. caution;
    red headed naked woman on a blog rant!
    works for me!!

  6. Hmm....I think your activia deserves a good name... Activia is your BM Activator -
    or....Avenger regulator or.....Avenger Activator or ...shall I keep going? You may need to go to AA if you can't shake your addiction to bm's! LOL guffaw, snort, chortle - I kill myself!


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