Wednesday, July 21, 2010

CSN Store Shopping Results

Shopping has been completed and the goodies have been delivered!

Thanks again to Amy at

for the great give-a-way of $100 Gift Card to

I spent a few weeks browsing the CSN Store website and thinking about what I really wanted. Although I was tempted to buy a new purse or shoes, I just kept going back to the 'School' section. There aren't any teacher stores like Education Express where I live and I had been having a hard time finding materials for my classroom. (Yes, I spend my personal money on my classroom and students because they are in NEED and I am not.)

I was VERY EXCITED when I found a section under 'School' that had over 40 different types of pocket charts. Pocket charts are made of durable colored vinyl with clear plastic pockets that can hold various cards and such. I had been searching for one to display my daily classroom schedule but I couldn't find one with the number of pockets that I needed. However, I found the perfect one at CSN Store.

This pocket chart has 14 clear pockets and included 14 blank schedule strips that I can customize. In my classroom we have 13 "time chunks" which leaves me enough room to make a title card too.

This pocket chart can hold 12 folders, which is perfect since I have 12 students! Some of my students are able to compete "folder work" such a worksheets and I will keep their work in their folder. For my students who can not complete "folder work" and require more tangible/ manipulitive activities I will be keeping their data sheets in the folders. Either way, this pocket chart will help keep me organized!

Last, but certainly not least, I bought 9 of these small 3-ring binders. This size binder is perfect for my students to use as 'Communication Books'. They look plain now, but by the time I add all the inserts, pictures, and velcoo, they will be very useful in my classroom by giving my students a method of communication. Plus, these binders are super sturdy and durable, so my students can throw them, chew them, bite them...whatever they come up with and the binder will survive.

There were a million other items that I would LOVE to buy for my classroom, but now that I know where I can get them, I will definatly be a repeat customer at CSN Stores.

Thanks again to Amy at Passages to the Past and CSN Stores!

(PS. I know I am a teacher, but I still rely on Spell Check, but it appears that it is broken right now, so I am sorry if I have mis-spelled some things...)


  1. now I know what you were describing as the pocket charts. Very cool and so glad you found so much to use for your classroom ;)

  2. Don't worry about Spell Check!...your post is great!
    I can't wait to see your Rewind Week Project! Please send me your email address so I can send you directions on how to send me your project photos and information!


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