Monday, July 19, 2010

His and Her Dinner #4

Welcome back for another edition of...

A weekly feature that highlights my culinary skills and my outstanding wifely abilities to please the very picky eater I call my husband! Usually I create 2 meals using the same base ingredient, but this week was a little different.

As I have mentioned before, Carl and I often find ourselves declaring “Fend For Yourself” night when we can’t agree on what to eat for dinner and we each grab whatever we want from the fridge or cabinet. The result of “Fend for Yourself” night often results in Carl eating a potato chip sandwich (I will explain this later) and me usually eating cheese and crackers followed by ice cream. I always keep cheese and ice cream in the house; thank goodness I’m not lactose intolerant.

Well, last night Carl got home from work late (see below) and we declared ‘Fend for Yourself’. As I’m telling him all about my day he’s in the kitchen preparing his dinner. He gets out a bag of sandwich rolls from the freezer and wraps 2 of them in a paper towel and leaves them on the counter and sits on the couch to listen to me… which makes him an excellent husband. I asked him what he was doing with the rolls and he said he was letting them thaw. A few minutes later he goes back to the kitchen and grabs the hair dryer that is on the counter. (side note: the hair dryer is on the kitchen counter because our A/C is set at 75 and is locked so we cant change it…but if we blow the hair dryer on the thermostat that is in the kitchen then it triggers the A/C to come on!) Anyway, I then asked Carl what he was doing and he said, “thawing out my rolls” and proceeds to do the following:

If your asking yourself why he’s using the hair dryer instead of the microwave…the answer is- we don’t own a microwave. Our microwave broke last year and since we were getting ready to move we figured we would get a new one once we got settled in our new place…but 12 months later we still haven’t gotten one. We have actually done just fine with out one and have decided not to get a microwave…even though the picture above suggests that it would be helpful every once in awhile.

Okay, back to ‘His and Her Dinner’

Carl recently returned to his job at Burman Studio after a short season break. What this means is that he will be working long hours, often until 9-10 at night or later. That also means that we won’t be able to have dinner together as often. However, being the excellent wife that I am, I come home from teaching all day, cook him a dinner and then bring it to him at work. I am a devoted wife…or crazy, one of the two.

So this weeks feature is one of those times when I served as cook and delivery driver.

His: Pepper Steak tossed with Soy Sauce Rice

Her: Cheese Tortellini in Basil Pesto Alfredo

So, there you have it folks...His and Her Dinner. What do you think?

*Potato chip sandwiches consist of two pieces of bread or roll, spread with cream cheese, and layered with potato chips. The bread has to be super fresh. The cream cheese has to be Philadelphia. The chips have to be Lays Plain or Salt and Vinegar. That is a “proper” sandwich. And no, I do not eat them!


  1. That was too funny...I've had potatoe chip sandwiches as a kid...but without the cream cheese...ewwee Potatoe chip sandwiches remind me of fritos and chocolate ice cream...yum!
    Microwaves are bad for you anyway so don't run out and buy one...heck the hair dryer worked just fine ;) You can also defrost frozen bread by putting it in a sealed TUPPERWARE bowl and submerging it in a sink of hot/warm water...I know I'm dating myself...back in the day! Glad to see your internet working so you can keep on blogging ;)

  2. Okay, I'll have one of what you are eating Cortney...ahem, Carl you can have all the taterchip sandwiches to your self! LOL
    As they say, "Whatever melts your butter" (or frozen rolls in this case!) !!!


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