Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Fear NOT!

I know, I missed 2 weeks worth of 'His and Her Dinner' as well as Friday Night Field Trip just one week after I started it! Fear NOT, I am just having Internet issues right now and I have been forced to go to the library (or work...shh it's our secret) to use the Internet. The good news about going to the library is that I picked up 2 more books to read! I also went to Barnes and Noble and found another great Tudor book, and the best part was... it was on clearance!

I have alot  to post about when my home Internet gets back up and running including several funny 'His and Her Dinner' posts, and a few more book reviews for the Tudor Mania Challenge. I have decided that when the TMC is over I'm going to try a different era in Historical Fiction...even though I'm not 'Tudor'd out yet'. Or I may try something off the "beach reading" table from Barnes...who knows?!

I am also 2 days in to teaching summer school (ESY), so my days have become jam packed with things to do. Keep on following and I will catch up soon. I am also planning my first give-a-way soon...so stay tuned!

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