Monday, January 24, 2011

#1-I lost a follower last night, I guess they didn't like my blogging via long titles, #2- Why can't the IRS figure out a way to take the correct amount of taxes out of paychecks?


  1. well I lose then gain followers all the time, I hate it when someone goes....I wish I was one of those bloggers that had so many followers I couldn't keep track. yeah right!
    why would a government agency ever do away with paperwork and red tape!

  2. It's a SIGN to call your landlord and get your internet back ;)

  3. I lost a follower the other day too, but then one came to take it's place so all is right with the world!

    I oft times wonder what those "mega bloggers" do to get RIDICULOUS following numbers like 10499.66666. They MUST offer bribes.

    I am SURE that you, with your title posts, and I with whatever it is that I do on my blog, are every bit as worthy of followers as those 10499.66666 gals!

    Happy days!

  4. I know when someone closes their blog they fall off any followers lists they were on. I don't think anyone goes to all that trouble to unfollow and Blogger does hiccup every once in a while. I don't take it personal sometimes I really bore myself too. Not that your posts are boring...remember the netti


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