Saturday, January 29, 2011

Santa Barbara

Although Carl and I were not able to make the trip home to North Carolina for the holidays, we were able to enjoy a few days in beautiful Santa Barbara between Christmas and New Years. 

Our plan had been to drive up the Pacific Coast Highway (PCH) but we were detoured onto the curviest, narrowest road we have ever been on because a rock slide closed a portion of the PCH. The drive, which should have taken less than 2 hours took almost 4! Thankfully we weren't in hurry and enjoyed the quiet drive and the view. 

We stayed in a cute hotel across from Sterns Wharf, the oldest working wharf in California. We took dozens of photo's over our 3 day vacation and here are some of our favorites. 

There is nothing like feeling warm sand between  your toes and the sun on your face in winter!

I couldn't get over how green this rock moss was, I don't think the photo does the color justice. 

We ate breakfast each morning at this cute cafe, it was delicious! Carl ordered the same thing each morning while I tired something different each day. 

My co-worker told me about this great place, so we took a short drive through the mountains to Solvang.

Yummy pastries and a cup of coffee helped warm us up since the wind was chilling in Solvang. Before heading back to Santa Barbara we stopped at Chumash Casino. It was the first time Carl and I have ever gone to a casino and although we didn't win anything, it was fun. 

Carl took this picture on our last day there and he loves it. I, on the other hand, can see the huge chunk of gray hair that has taken over the front portion of my hair and don't think it's flattering. I'll discuss my pre-mature graying another time though. 

We ate at some really amazing restaurants while there and enjoyed our time off together. We made it home in time to get off the roads and out of the Rose Bowl traffic that had begun to encroach upon the area. We hope that this will be one of many trips we get to take together and look forward to where and what our next California adventure brings us. 


  1. Great photos and we need to do something about that inner critic ;) I can see why Carl likes this's a great profile shot AND no one is looking at the color of your hair. Instead I was looking at how clear your skin looks and the color of your lips and was wondering if you were wearing lip stain or if it was natural? Also love the green background...just lovely ;)

  2. Those photos are awesome and are making me crave the sun from this wet westcoast weather.

    I didn't even notice the grey Cortney, you can't even see it. It's a great shot of you. But maybe you got the grey after you read my ghost story!!! lol

    PS glad to see you posting again, and am happier to uncross my boobs!

  3. This is just GORGEOUS! I've never been to Cali, but these pictures are TEMPTING me to plan a trip!

    Great minds, yours and mine, do think alike!!! Fisherhubby and I couldn't go to be with our families for the holidays so we too took a little trip - - - of course ours was all snowy and not one bit beachy, but it was a trip nonetheless!

  4. Great post, love the photos and I agree, there was no gray in that photo, there were sun highlights bouncing off your hair, glasses and procelain skin! I love the picture as well! :)

  5. Yaaaay internet! :D

    I don't see the gray, Cortney. It's a beautiful portrait. (But if you see it, you could always let it grow, and go with that dark hair with one streak of gray look. Like Stacey from What Not To Wear in her Pantene commercials. I like that look.)

    Glad you're back, and that you had a lovely minivacation! :)

  6. great post! Looks like you had a good time here! :)


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