Saturday, January 1, 2011

Breaking my first resolution

Yup, my only New Years Resolution was to NOT make resolutions but I have already decided to break it.

I just spent some quality alone time with myself at the laundromat and it got me thinking about numerous things that I would to like to change, improve upon, or stop doing this year. So without further adieu- because  I know the suspense is killing you, here are my 2011 Resolutions. I will warn you that they are very random.

  1. Go 30 days the without wearing the same outfit twice. I find myself washing the same clothes over and over again each trip to the laundromat, but my closet is still  full of clean  clothes that I haven't touched. 
  2. Loose 10 pounds. I know I am slender, but upon getting on the scale this morning (naked so that clothes weight didn't interfere) I found that the number reflecting back at me has started to slowly creep north. The last time this started happening I found myself at 170lbs and not knowing how I got there. 
  3. Cook dinner 5 nights a week. Eating cheese, chips, and salsa does not constitute cooking. 
  4. Try 1 new recipe per week. 
  5. Bring my lunch to work each day. I can no longer rationalize a Cup-O-Noodles, a Milky-way bar, and a diet coke (all from the vending machine) as lunch. 
  6. Use recycled/ reusable bags at the grocery store. At the local grocery store you earn 5 points for every bag you bring  in to the, I can fit way more into cloth bags than into flimsy plastic ones. Oh, and it''s better for the environment. 
  7. Shop the sales flyer's and clip coupons more. I use to be OCD about this but I have fallen off the wagon and lost the "joy" of shopping. There is nothing better than the feeling of looking at the bottom of your receipt and it says, "You saved $80", it becomes a game to  see how much you can save each time. (Side note: I don't buy items just because I have a coupon, I only get what I need or know I will use).
  8. Wash the dishes every night before I get comfy on the couch. Also, if  my husband does the dishes and says that he is "letting the pans soak", I will get up and wash them myself because ultimately the same pan will be in the sink filled with yuck water 3 days later and I'll have to wash it anyway. You know what I mean ladies?
  9. Shave my legs at least once a week. Sexy right? 
  10. Read 1 book a month (or more). 
  11. Pay down our credit cards so that we are using less than 25% of our available credit. (I will be writing a money/ credit card related post soon)
  12. Save enough $ by July in order to purchase Christmas Airline tickets for December. 
  13. Write more blog posts. 
  14. Read and comment on other blogs more frequently. 
Okay, I think that sums it up for now.

This is what happens when I do laundry, I think and ponder and make long exaggerated mental lists. I wish I had a laptop that I could bring with me to the laundromat...I'll add that to my wish list for my birthday. It'll be listed right under, World Peace, Free College, and other things that will never happen anytime soon! 


  1. When I was working I use to try to make getting ready more fun and I found this great book by Louise Hay on numbers and colors and you basically figured out what your number was for each day of the month and each number (1 thru 9) represented a color. So for instance on Monday, the number might be 1 so I would have to wear RED...and so forth. It made a game of getting ready for work and really extended my wardrobe and make be feel better. Here's a video of it:
    You could even just apply it to your lingere ;)
    Enjoy ;)

  2. I think resolution # 1 should be to not go to the laundromat too often, that way you won't have time to think too much. Just kidding, I do like a lot of your resolutions, though I am going with a theme this year, rather then single resolutions. Every morning I have to get ready for work, I open my closet ans sigh to my husband, who conveniently does not hear me, that I don't have anything to wear...

  3. Boy, when you break a resolution....YOU BREAK IT!

    I am jumping on the coupon wagon, too. Gas is currently $3.15 a gallon and I commute just under 400 miles a week. I need to save money somewhere.

  4. Your plan sounds really good and I think you'll be able to keep most of them. I'm not doing resolutions cause I'm old...who really. Don and I live so simply I have to buy dishes to do tablescapes. Take care.

  5. I all over the shaving the legs once a week and hear you on that! As for reusable shopping bags, where I live, if you don't bring in cloth like bags to the major grocery stores, they charge you money. And in one grocery chain, they don't even have bags anymore, so if you don't bring them, you are out of luck! I like it though!

    Good list Cortney! All the best for 2011!

  6. First of all, leave it to Roberta to have such an amazing dressing idea! Love it! Second of all, I don't know what a new year would bbe without a resolution! Nice work, girlie!

  7. Made and broke my resolution this year too....not to make resolutions...hmm wonder where you get that from? LOL
    I want to live healthier - get up 30 min. earlier and work out a bit. Get away frm the coputer every hour at work and relax more...

    I broke them all today -a ll in one feld swoop!
    Oh well...tomorrow is another day!

    Love you!

  8. I like your resolution list. I am thinking of writing one this year - I normally don't.

    I think I'll follow you to see how you do :)

    btw- I use to follow you and you have commented on my blog before; but I changed url's and I lost some of my bloggers! so sad. I was reading through some of my old posts and saw your comment; so thought I'd hop over.


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