Monday, January 31, 2011

Things my husband finds funny

One of the first things that attracted me to my husband was his laugh. We both have this incredibly loud sharp laugh that we just can't control when we find something funny. When we worked together in the restaurant where we met, we often got in trouble for laughing so loud that customers in the dinning room could  here us.

The other night I was making myself sexy (a.k.a showering and shaving my legs) and when I stepped out of the shower I heard him in the other room laughing. I listened to him laughing for a minute and since I am a good wife I immediately thought, "I've got to get this on video or people won't believe how loud his laugh is". So that is exactly what I did.

Keep in mind that my husband is alone in the bedroom and he doesn't know  that I've got the video camera on until I walk into the room. I will caution you though, the video that my husband is watching contains foul language and an inappropriate conversation topic...hence the name of this post, Things my husband finds funny. Enjoy!

I could I not fall in love with him?

Thank you to Carl's friend Brian for making the little video that gave Carl such joy!


  1. I don't know what's funnier, the video or your husband. The laugh is totally contagious!

  2. It was hard to hear the video over Carl's laughing...but that's okay because he was hilarious. Kevin is sitting beside me and when he heard Carl laughing he was like...what the? btw...I got the gist of the video subject ;)

  3. Oh Cortney... I killed myself laughing! That's hilarious!

  4. Cortney, I have been so blue lately but this made me laugh out loud. How did you keep from laughing or shaking the camera?

    This was too too funny. La

  5. Too funny! I love the laugh!

    Oh and by the way - I didn't mean to publish that post just yet... it'll be back on Thursday. I got a little too eager haha!! Thanks about the hair, it's new. I don't do it myself (wish I could b/c that would save a lot of $$). She told me the color was red-violet and I was sold.


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