Saturday, January 15, 2011

How I burned my face with toothpaste...and other random things that have happened since I've had no Internet

I still do not have Internet at my house. I have hijacked a friends computer for the last several hours and I am trying to cram as much blog reading and writing in as humanly possible within a few hours. I am almost tempted to wear a diaper so that I don't have to interrupt my Internet session with mindless trips to the bathroom. Just kidding...or am I?

Anyway. I have so much to tell you and so little time, so please excuse the randomness of this post. Here we go...

You read the title correctly, I burned my face with toothpaste. In an attempt to shrink a mountain sized pimple on my chin I decided to use the old home remedy of putting a dab of toothpaste on it. I put a dab on the pimple and covered it with a Band-aid because I didn't want to get toothpaste on my pillow case. My husband then proceeded to "poke" my bandaid which made the toothpaste spread out and ooze out the side of the my dab went from the size of a pencil eraser to the size of a nickel. I go to sleep. I wake up. I take the bandaid off and wash off the toothpaste only to find a quarter sized red mark on my chin (the red spot is 10x's more noticeable than the original pimple). I continue to get ready and noticed that the red spot didn't go away so I examined it a little closer. Upon closer inspection I realized that the giant red mark is a burn (like a sun burn). I figured it would go away quickly, but here I am 6 days later and my red spot continues to peel like a sun burn. Why did this happen? Because I am an idiot and used Whitening Toothpaste instead of just plain old toothpaste. So in the future if you see a new warning label on whitening toothpaste that says, "Not for use on face" or "Do not put on face" you can thank me for that.

On Thursday night I went to my bowling league. Two of my teammates got into a verbal argument which resulted in a third teammate quitting the team. I am waiting for next Thursday to find out if I even have a bowling team left.

After bowling I came home to find my husband eating tater tots and gravy. An hour later we heard a popping sound coming from the kitchen, like water dripping or something like that. So I get up to go to the kitchen and that's when my husband decides to tell me that the handle to the over door broke. He also then tells me that it's not just the handle, the door actually came off too.  As I lean down to examine the oven door I notice something blue on the stove. Guess what it was? It was the frigin' gas burner that he left on!!!!!! That popping sound we heard was the gravy remnants being burned to a crisp in the bottom of the pan which he left on the stove over a burner that was still on!!!!!!

Carl and I went 14 days without dining out at a restaurant! I have cooked almost every night for the last 2 weeks and we have saved  A LOT of money. This is the only resolution I have actually stuck to so far.   We treated ourselves last night to a pizza which we split with another couple so dinner only cost us $6.00!

And finally, because I haven't had Internet, I haven't been able to read any of the blogs that I follow. I have tried reading them on my phone, but it's so small that I can't really enjoy them...or leave comments. I spent the first few hours of today's borrowed Internet session going through over 400 blog posts listed in my Google Reader. (Do you use Google Reader? If not, how do you get blog updates?) Of the 400 posts, one in particular stood out to me. The title caught my attention immediately. The title was:  Poop: The Hard Truth and it was written by Bonnie from The Fragile X Files. Bonnie writes a blog dedicated to her children and her life as she raises twin boys who have Fragile X. She writes with such brutal honesty and it inspires me to be a better teacher of students with disabilities. I wonder if her boys teacher reads her blog? I think if my students parents wrote a blog I would read it. Bonnie makes my job seem simple...after a long 8-hour day with my 10 kiddo's (soon to be 12) I can come home and read her blog and I am reminded that my job is nothing in comparison to what it must be like to be the parent of a student with special needs. She gives me an inside perspective into what my students parents must deal with and feel on a daily basis....the good, the bad, and the shitty (literally).  If you have a minute, try to stop by her blog and read a few of her posts, I'm sure you'll find her writing as enjoyable as I do.

I am going to sign off on this post for now and go back to my non-internet home for awhile. I have a great Santa Barbara trip to share with you but that will have to wait since the pictures are on my home computer. I can check my e-mail from my phone so if you'd like to leave me a comment that would really make my day!

Good Night!


  1. #1 - I'm so sorry about the burn on your face from toothpaste! That's horrible!!!

    #2 - I feel honored that you spent a little of your precious internet time to read my blog! Thanks!

    As far as reading blogs, I've never used Google Reader to keep up with the blogs...I usually just check my "dashboard" on Blogger. I've seen Google Reader, but didn't really know what it was all about. What's the advantage to using this over the Blogger Dashboard list? Just wondering!

    Hope you are back up on the internet soon! My computer power cable went bad and I wasn't sure what I was going to do without my computer! Isn't that sad???

  2. I have to ask you guys - what in the hell do you do to your ovens that the dang doors and handles keep breaking???!!! LOL I have NEVER had my oven door handle come off , or may door break or fall off! Go gently! And Carl....shut off the burners!
    PS should I be calling you "Dotty" now? LOL

  3. two are "too twisted for color TV" ;)
    I'm still stuck on Carl eating tator tots and gravy! Guess you will have to throw that pan out...or just use it to boil water cause once you burn it that badly it will scortch everything you try to cook in it. Oh and why are you putting so MUCH toothpaste on that you even need a bandaide...all's you are suppose to do it rub a bit in like face cream...make another It's very hard to find plain toothpaste anymore aint it? Do you have a long weekend? Kevin is off on Monday so we do. Thinking about making soup today...hmmmm So does your oven still work or do you have to call the landlord to have it fixed? I'd be afraid the door would fall off in the middle of trying to cook. Be careful...oh my!

  4. I'm giggling about the toothpaste face burn, though I'm SURE it wasn't too funny for you.

    Part of why I giggle is hubby and I took a weekend away, and I FOOLISHLY used the hotel bath soap on my face in the shower and managed to "burn" my WHOLE FACE with allergic blisters. Yah - - - it was real cute just like your quarter size toothpaste burn.


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