Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Because he loves me...

Because my husband loves me he often helps me with "projects" that I bring home from school to work on.

Last night was no exception. I needed to make a giant dradel for the Holiday show the next day (today), so we worked together for a few hours and produced  this...

Isn't it beautiful? It even spins! The symbols on the side are the actual symbols used on real dradels. My husband got a kick out of the symbol on the right because it really does look very phallic. Leave it to a man to find a sexual reference in everything, even religious toys. 

But he helped me and I love him for it. 


  1. You two are so cute together. It is a very fine looking Dreidel and I'm looking forward to seeing what your school Holiday Show looks like.

  2. It is awesome! So glad you can have HELP on projects.

  3. My first thought when I saw the post heading and the picture was...hmm and Irish Jew...who knew?
    I hope you can auction that thing off...otherwise you'll be finding your husband playing with this Dreidel ;) Or you can pull it out every holiday as your main too are so funny!!

  4. WOW!!!!!! That is so cool! does look a little phallic.

  5. I'm returning the favor, thanks for checking my blog out, always great to talk to a fellow educator.Btw, love what your husband did, and love your Cali pics. I'm waiting to read more about you and your job.

  6. I wanted to say that I am your newest follower.... And thanks for following me and for leaveing such kind workd on my blog. Be checking in because I am going to have my next blog giveaway for New Years..Hope you stop over and post comments from time to time as I will on your amazing blog. Have a Very Merry Christmas!!


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