Monday, December 20, 2010

A Year Ago Today...December 20th

A Year Ago Today Carl and I woke up to this...

We were suppose to pick up the U-haul  that morning which we did, but not before waiting for the nice neighborhood men to shovel and salt a clear path for us. 

So we picked up our U-haul truck mid-morning and began the daunting task of loading it despite the snow. The snow actually started to turn into slush by afternoon, which was almost worse. We finished loading in the late afternoon. 

After a long day we headed over to the Interchange Lounge,a restaurant where I had been a waitress for the last 18 months. Frank and Sharon, the owners, treated us to dinner and threw us a little going away party with a cake. Carl needed to relax so he got a little tipsy...but he deserved it after the day we had. 

Before we left we got one last picture of us together. This is Frank, Sharon, Carl, and myself. Frank and Sharon were very good to me as  an employee and really helped us out whenever we needed it while we were in Pennsylvania. They were more than just my bosses, they were friends. 

Once we said our good-byes we headed home but on the way we decided to take the scenic route and admire the beautiful Christmas lights that had been put up around the neighborhood. The lights were particularly magical under a layer of fresh snow.

It was bitter cold out but we enjoyed our last adventure in Pennsylvania. Little did we know that this would NOT be the last snow we saw! Join me tomorrow where I'll share a few funny stories from our journey from Pennsylvania to North Carolina. It's only the beginning!


  1. I love those photos Cortney... it's going to be a green and wet xmas where I am. Apparently the only province in Canada not to get snow... this made me a little melancholy! Can't wait to hear the rest of the story!

  2. Lovely snow to look at but not to move posted some really pretty pictures and I love reading about your move to beautiful NC.

  3. Don't miss the white stuff at all but it is nice to see the lights with the snow. Some of those houses remind me of "Tim the Toolman"
    This year people just don't seem to be putting up as many lights around here...maybe they are trying to be green...I hope so ;) Cause I'd hate to think tha they are BaaaHumbugers like


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