Sunday, December 5, 2010

Teachable Moments

As a teacher I make detailed lesson plans each week.

There are some lessons that I don't anticipate having to teach and therefore I am unprepared.

These unplanned lessons are what we call Teachable Moments. Some are hard. Some are easy and quick. And then some are just plain old funny.

Here is one of those Teachable Moments.

We celebrated 2 student birthdays at school on Friday. I always buy a cake for each student so they each feel special and I also buy a "back up" cake just in case I drop one or in case a student sticks their hand/face in it.

Our birthday routine is: we sing, they blow out candles, we eat cake. That's not quite the way it worked in my room on Friday.

Here I am singing 'Happy Birthday' and presenting the cake. 

And here I am 10 minutes later laughing because my kiddo doesn't know how to blow out a candle and I don't know how to teach it. This was my Teachable Moment. 

I'm laughing hysterically because I am in the process of teaching this particular student how to blow his nose...

So when I say, "1, 2, 3 Blow" the student proceeds to blow his nose...

without a tissue...

onto the cake. 

Another reason why I buy a "back up" cake. 

Have you experienced a teachable moment with your kids/ husband/ wife/ dog?


  1. You are having all kinds of problems with noses cute and I'm glad there was a backup cake. No teachable moments here that I can think of.

  2. lol- that is way too cute. Who knew that some kids don't know how to blow out of their mouths?!!

  3. Love the picture of you laughing! You look like you are about to pee your Does your student know how to blow on hot foods or hold his breath? Cause if you teach them to breath in deep with their mouths and then to exhale through their mouths...they pick it up pretty quickly. Too funny...yuck on the cake though ;) Maybe you should just buy cupcakes and put the candle in just the

  4. Snot seems to prevalent in California right now. Did you hand him your straw hat?

  5. Well, that's a new one! Glad you had the back-up:@)

  6. Too funny...sure wish I could remember how I was able to teach you to blow your were my hard to teach baby on that one! I love the picture too...I miss that sudden, loud and joyous sound of you laughing out loud!

  7. HAHA what age do you teach? That's SNOT funny!

  8. lol! This is great! What age do you teach? I know a lot of babies that learn to blow just AFTER their first birthday cake! I came over from The Girl Next Door and am your newest follower!


  9. AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! LOL, omg, that's hysterical! Would be easier to get a cupcake just to blow the candle out on. OMG, kids are just so funny! It's SO hard to teach them candles and blowing noses, SO HARD! lol

  10. Oh my goodness! Hilarious. I'm sorry I missed that one.


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