Friday, December 24, 2010

A Year Ago Today...Christmas Edition

A Year Ago Today Carl and I celebrated Christmas Eve with my family at my mom's house in Concord, NC.

This is Carl after a few pre-game Jack-n-Coke's. 

My brother Wesley and cousin Mitchell also par-took in the pre-game drinking. 

Once everyone munched and drank we opened up gifts which I apparently didn't take any pictures of. Then we settled down for a very humbling game of Are You Smarter than a 5th Grader? I don't really remember who won...but I'm pretty sure we felt like losers after answering many of those elementary school questions wrong!

Here's a good group shot (thank you camera timer) of my brother Wesley, me, Carl, my uncle Kevin, my aunt Bobbi, my cousin Mitchell, and my mom. 

Carl and I stayed overnight at my mom's and treated ourselves to warm Orange Cinnamon Rolls and coffee in the morning before heading to Carl's brothers house for Christmas with the kids. 

Carl's brother has 3 kids, 2 girls and a boy. This means that there are plenty of toys to go around on Christmas morning and we often find ourselves "testing" the toys for the kids (a.k.a-playing with them until we need a nap). While Carl's brother tested out a remote control helicopter, Carl, the kids, and myself tested out the toy guns.

Christmas wouldn't be complete without another group photo-again, thank you camera timer. 
On the left: Carl's dad Les, his wife Hilary, Sister-in-Law Lennie, Carl's brother Craig, the 3 kiddo's, me, Carl, and  my mom. 

After a fun filled day we headed back to Gill's house, that's Carl's mom. 

The paper hats came courtesy of our Christmas Crackers. 

It's really a holiday treat when the boys do the dishes. Gill doesn't have a dish washer either, but a little brotherly love gets them clean. (Notice Craig is holding a butter knife to Carl)

The kiddo's relax and watch a movie as they patiently wait for the next round of gifts. 

Little man cuddles up with my mom and brother and then "lap  hops"...

I hope Carl and I can have a child as cute as his nephew. (No, I am not pregnant)

And our Christmas ends when little man finally falls asleep on his mom. 

This post was a pleasure to write and brought back a lot of memories, I hope you enjoyed reading. This Christmas will be a little different considering we are 2,400 miles away but thanks to technology and Skype we will be opening gifts and playing games with each other this year too. 

Merry Christmas!


  1. Ahhh...great'll have to email me the originals so that I have good quality ones...for some reason mine do not seem as clear and I don't have that one of Carl in his Love the mosaic of you all playing with the kids. Good times for sure! Love and miss you and can't wait to Skype tonight!
    Bobbi & Kevin

  2. What lovely family memories and now you both can make new ones for 2010. Don and I hope you and Carl have a wonderful Christmas.

  3. Great Christmas memories and photos! Have a great week, the last of 2010 and Happy New Year.

  4. I love the photo montage too - I need a copy of the group photo as well. Wes got me a digital photo keychain and I'd like that one on it!

    Love you, miss you and hope you are enjoying Santa Barbera!


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