Tuesday, December 21, 2010

San Diego doesn't believe in Privacy

Strange title right? I'll explain in just a moment.

A few weeks ago my co-worker Shada and I drove down to San Diego to attend training. The 2-day training was on PEC's or Picture Exchange Communication Systems. It's a method of teaching communication skills to students with limited verbal abilities. Shada is a Speech & Language Pathologist who works with my students at the school. We were both really  inspired by the training and have made plans to make some changes after the new year with our approaches to teaching.

Now on to the good stuff...

Once we got out of training we went to check out our Ocean view hotel room. The view was amazing from our 9th floor room.

But obviously San Diego doesn't believe in Privacy because...


And that picture was taken with the bathroom lights OFF- it was worse when you turned them on. And maybe your thinking to yourself, "well yeah, you can see through it when you stand with your face pressed up against it". BUT, the toilet is right in front of the door and we could see each other sitting on the toilet! Not to mention the fact that the gap between the door and the wall was so large that  I could fit my and through it...so you can also hear  everything from the bathroom!

Being the problem solver that I am I quickly found a solution. 
Take decorative tan sheet off the end of the bed...

...and hang it over the door. Problem solved.

The crazy part was that you couldn't see out of the door when you were in there. I think they hung the door on there backwards. We survived our lack of privacy and possibly became closer friends in the process. Ha! 


  1. Oh my word! Who would have thought~

  2. I still love SD. Which hotel did you stay at?

  3. Cortney, this could only happen to you. Hahaha.

  4. I guess they think everyone in one room are intimate partners ...ahem...and not just friends sharing a room! Good use of what was available to resolve the issue! LOL

  5. SanDiego is great and your view (outside) looked awesome! Possibly a fair trade for the weird bathroom?? I think so!

  6. That's so funny. I guess they wanted to give you a view of the inside and outside.

  7. Man the view of the bay was fantastic and I bet Carl was jealous! I don't even want to see my DH on the thrown let alone an associate...it's like all the movies coming out and they show people sitting on the toilet and reaching for toilet paper...EXCUSE ME...totally NOT necessary to make the movie. Pushing the envelope and being out there does not have to involve bodily functions...thank you ver much...lol


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