Monday, June 28, 2010

'His and Her' Dinner #3

Welcome back for another edition of 'His and Her Dinner' where I share my secrets of making 2 dinners out of the same base ingredient because my husband is the pickiest eater ever!

Tonight is a Double Feature!

This week I was feeling a little Asia inspiration. I should explain however, that the only Asian food that I actually eat is Sweet & Sour Chicken with white rice or Orange Chicken, also with white rice. Honestly, once I find something I like, it's hard for me to try something different. I know I give my husband a hard time about this, but I admit that I am guilty too.

Now, I give you fare warning that the meals that I feature tonight are not that different from each other. However, if I have to use an extra pot or pan to make the dishes separately (which I did) then I think they qualify to be featured here.

First up...

His: Chicken balls, fried rice, green beans

Hers: Sweet & Sour Chicken, fried rice, green beans.

I should explain that "chicken balls" are my homemade version of chicken nuggets. I just cut up a chicken breast, dip them in milk, coat them in a light flour mixture, and then fry them on the stove until golden brown. For my Sweet & Sour Chicken I just heated a little sweet & sour sauce from a jar, added chunks of pineapple and then tossed my portion of the chicken balls in the sauce.  I had intended on making myself white rice, but I was out, so I had to eat the fried rice. I also attempted to cook the green beans the way that Carl said he liked them: with soy sauce, salt, and pepper...they weren't that bad. I prefer my green beans with just butter and slivered almonds. We will probably repeat this meal again I said, when we find something we like it's hard to change it up.

Second Helping...

His: Spicy Orange Chicken with white rice and BABY CORN

Hers: Spicy Orange Chicken with white rice and BROCCOLI

Let me just say that buying a jar of 'Panda Express Orange Chicken Sauce' would have been much easier than what I did to make this dish! I bought Orange Marmalade but it had orange rind in it that just looked horrible (like maggots quick honestly). So I heated the marmalade until it became thinner and then strained it so that all the little "bits" were gone. I then sauteed the chicken in this extra spicy seasoning. When the chicken was done cooking I added the strained marmalade and simmered it for a bit. That made the sauce WAY too thin- Oops! I boiled the rice and steamed the veggies separately. I then put 1/2 the rice in each pot, added the baby corn to one and broccoli to the other. Next, I just split the chicken into the two pots, added a little of the sauce that was to thin and tossed each of them separately. I even fished out a bit of broccoli that had made it's way into Carl's portion because that would have just ruined it. It was okay, I probably won't attempt this one again, or at least I'll try to make it a different way.

Bonus Feature!

This is no joke...this is really what our refrigerator looks like right now. No, we are not broke, we can afford food...we just had a very busy weekend and haven't been able to make it to the store yet. We are getting ready to go now and we even made a menu and list for week. There are several dishes this week that qualify to be featured here, so until next Monday...Happy Dining!


  1. Oh Cortney....the picture of your fridge makes the Mommy in me want to cry! Good posting - another new one for me, I didn't know Carl liked baby corns! Ha Ha Ha
    Happy shopping!

  2. Ha! Ha! look on the bright's a lot easier to keep her refrigerator Try lemon juice on your green beans...yum I just spent $200.00 at the grocery store...I have the opposite problem...too much

  3. LOL!!! Our refrigerator looks like that all the time.

    I LOVE your little variations on the same meal to make each of you happy! You clever girl you.


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