Wednesday, June 16, 2010

'His and Her' Dinner

Let me start by saying that I love my husband. With that said, he is the pickiest eater I have ever encountered. I have to give him some credit, he has added a few food items to his very short 'approved foods' list in the last few years. Thank goodness he discovered the joy of grilled chicken a few years ago!

Yesterday I got a recipe idea in my head and really wanted to try it. I had taken out pork chops for dinner and I knew there was only one way to get my husband to try something new...have it ready and waiting for him when he got home from work.

His: Spicy apricot pork chop with Fried Rice (Rice-a-Ronni)

Her: Spicy apricot pork chop with green apple and cranberry chutney, Fried Rice, and corn on the cob

I refused to tell him how I made the chops until after he finished eating...I figured as long as he kept eating them I shouldn't ruin it by telling him that he was eating apricots (that would have been a meal killer). He ate 2 pork chops, but claimed it was because he was hungry. He also explained that it's not that he "didn't like it", it was just that he's not use to mixing sweet and savory together in the same dish. Needless to say, I now know that I have a little bit more freedom to try new recipes and get him to try them if, #1- he's hungry, and #2- I don't tell him how I made it until after he eats it.

When we first moved to California we tried to be very strict about eating at home instead of going out to restaurants. I made a menu each week and tried to stick to it as much as possible. However, we soon found ourselves eating the same thing almost every week because Carl is so picky. We eventually declared some nights as "Fend for Yourself" where we both eat whatever we want. Tonight will be one of those nights.


  1. "Bless His Heart"...ya gotta luv em'...don't cha!
    It's funny because alot of guys think like Carl when it comes to "mixin' fruit with meat" DH still has that same mantra even after 19 years of eating my dishes. I on the other all fruits with meats especially as a chutney or in stuffing...yum! Okay you have now made me hungry and wanting...

  2. Keep trying dear! It is always a challenge when you are the cook and the other the partner the diner....just don't take it personally! Good for Carl for trying something new - open the horizons and be surprised, you can always fall back on your personal favorites on your fend for yourself night! Hey Cortney, does he think it's "tasty" LOL Love you!

  3. Why not try doing what I do with the pups- leave him a bowl of dry food and don't give him anything till he gets hungry enuf to eat it!
    I really hope I didn't just offend you with my silly humor.
    My hubs ALWAYS complains that he wants me to cook healthy, so I go thru all of this trouble making healthy stuff and he brings home fruity pebbles and eats them before dinner!
    Go figure.
    I just saw a cute sign on another blog- it is a child's penmanship saying- "I will not hit boys I will not hit boys I will not hit boys"
    Sometimes I feel like that.

    Sparkly Hugs,
    Tobi and the Pixies!


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