Monday, June 28, 2010

Return to Scrapbook Land

I have not attempted to scrapbook since I left NC back in 2008. My aunt, Roberta, use to throw the best 'Crops' when she was a Creative Memories Consultant. I have been wanting to get back into scrapbooking, especially now that I have an entire wedding album that needs to be put together and the time off to devote to it. I did a little google search to find a store in the area and found one just a couple miles from here. Last week I rode my bike (actually Carl's bike) down to the shop to check it out. Turns out that one of the ladies that is on my Thursday Night bowling league also works there. She let me know that they have crops every Friday night from I signed up.

Since Carl has been taking the car to work I had to bike there. It's only 2 miles and there is a really beautiful bike path that I can take almost the entire way. Luckily (or unluckily) I do not have that many scrapbook supplies anymore so I could fit almost everything I needed in a backpack. Plus, when you crop at the store you can use all their tools.

Yes, all this was in my bag. I put all my photo's in a recipe card box-they fit perfectly. Since I wanted to work on my wedding album, I put all kinds of left overs from my wedding in the bag including: favor bags, decorations, menu and program, marriage licence (not the real one, just the "for show" kind), ribbons, table arrangement plans and then of course my paper trimmer, corner rounder, photo splits, and markers.


Yes, those are bugs. Stink bugs to be exact. When we lived in PA these bugs got in everywhere and particularly loved to get into paper or behind Carl's posters. We always called them Potato Bugs because that's what we were told they were, but after a little investigating I found out they were stink bugs. Anyway, When I took the spine out of my scrapbook (which has been packed away for at least 7 months) these two bugs fell out onto the floor. I threw them outside- because even though they look dead, they like to play dead and then "come back to life" and scare the crap out of you. When we were unpacking our stuff after our move we found a few, and before we could vacuum, they started flying around the room! Creepy!

Okay, back to scrapbooking!

I had pre-sorted my photos into categories before I went to the crop. There were 3 major categories divided into smalled categories as follows:
Rehearsal Dinner/ Gathering- set up, met n' greet, candid shots, games
 Wedding Day- Cortney prep, Carl prep, wedding party prep, candid shots, precession, ceremony, reception, formal photo's
Honey Moon- day one, two, and three.

Once I got to the crop I started by doing a "power layout" and I went through all the photos and decided which ones went on each pages and got a general idea of how I'd place them . Once I did that I just started cropping my photos and getting them on the pages. I layed down a total of 14 pages...there are still 30+ to go. Once I have gotten all of the photos layed down I will go back in and start journaling and adding embellishments.

Here's a little peek at what I got accomplished. (I was there from 4:30-10:30)

Left: Party Invitation for Rehearsal Dinner/ gathering, Right: Party set up and decor

Both are "Meet n' Greet" pages.

Left: Candid Photo's, Right: Opening birthday/ wedding party gifts

Both pages: games

Left: Getting my hair done pre-wedding, Right: venue set up

Both pages: last minute pre-wedding prep

Left: pre-wedding candid shots, Right: Daren (our nephew) candid shots

That's all I got done for now. Some of the pages look a little crowded now that I look back on them, but I'll make it work. Better done than perfect...and I'm hoping to be done by our first wedding anniversary!


  1. I haven't scrapbooked in a really long time - I should get back to it at some point...

    Eeewww about the stink bugs. Who knew?!

  2. Don't you re-think any of your pages...they are just fine. Brings back alot of memories...that's for sure! Hard to believe that Tim & Ashley just had their 1st Anniversary and now you will be having yours real soon ;) Funny how those bugs were in PA and we don't have them here in NC...yuck yuck Great job and you've made me want to start scrapbooking again...maybe in the fall...too much on my plate right now. Have a great day!

  3. Stink bugs are here in NC too...we see them at work all the time! Don't re-do you pages, don't forget you can always insert a page with just writing on it to "tell your story"! You go Girl! Great job...I have a "niggling" to get something done now too! LOL If I ignore it long enough it will go a way! haha


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