Sunday, June 27, 2010

Saturday at IMATS

Carl and I spent Saturday at the International Make Up Artist Trade Show (IMATS) in Pasadena, CA. This was the 2nd time we have attended, the first time was back in 2004. The trade show features vendors, artists, competitions, a museum, and seminars about both fashion/ beauty make-up and Special Effects (FX) Make Up. Carl is a Special FX Make-Up Artist.

The trade show was much busier than it was 6 years ago. It also seemed like there was a bigger focus on fashion/ beauty make-up than Special FX. The art of airbrushing has also become more popular since our last visit and there were several airbrushing booths this year instead of the one booth they had on '04. That meant that there were more naked (almost) women and men walking around with nothing on but paint. Here is an airbrushed Elvis...

One of the events that we looked forward to at IMATS was the student competition. The competition is highly competitive and they only select 8 participants to participate in each category. This year they had 2 competitions, one for Fashion/ Beauty with a theme of Alice in Wonderland and one for Prosthetic Make-Up with a theme of Grimm Fairy Tales. Unfortunately we miss read the schedule of events and the Prosthetic competition was scheduled for Sunday, so we weren't able to catch it. We did see the Fashion/ Beauty portion though. The crowd was 10x's bigger than it was in '04. All the artists in the student competition have to be enrolled in, or have graduate from a Make-Up school with in the past 12 months. Of the 8 artists, only one of them was from the US, the others hailed from Canada, England, Taiwan, Japan, and Mexico. The winner received $1,000 and will be featured in 'Make Up Artist Magazine'. This is the winning look.

One of the highlights of the day was getting to meet 'the Godfather of Special FX', Dick Smith. We have met him before but it is always a pleasure. It was actually his birthday too, he is 88 years old. Dick Smith created the make-up FX for movies such as Exorcist and The Godfather. He pioneered many Special X techniques in the industry and won an Academy Award for his work on the film Amadeus.

We finished our Saturday with some Cold Stone Creamery and a walk around the shops in Pasadena with some friends. Later that night we met up with friends again to watch Gown Ups. It was a very funny movie, I like Adam Sandler because he looks and acts like my brother.

I'm not sure what our plans for today will be yet...but join me on Monday for a new edition of 'His and Her Dinner'!


  1. Sounds like you had a great day and the pictures came out great. Was hoping to see more "nekkid" shots Carl's ice-cream looked good but very rich ;) Have a great day!

  2. Hi

    I went to the first ever makeup artists trade show in the Pasadena Convention Center in 1997.

    It was amazing, and Dick Smith was there....the line to see hime talk was so large, theyhad to have an overspill room which was linked up by camera. Dick himself came around and spoke to the line, explaining himself that they would not get in.

    All these people in the line who had never met eachother before suddenly started talking to one another as their collective God walked past and spoke to them!

    It was an amazing day, and I am am envious of your visit there! Great shot with Dick Smith!


  3. Thanks for the comment. My husband, Carl, took his Professional Make-Up course a few years ago and loved it. Dick is so honest in his critiques.

    I looked at your IMDb resume and see that you worked with Steve Johnson on Blade II and League of Ex. Gentleman, my husband is a huge fan of his and is very jealous that he will never get to work with him now.

    May I ask how you found my blog?

    Thank you!

  4. Hi

    I'm always scouring the net for information. I set up a Google Alert on 'Makeup Effects' and this came up. You should use them too.

    If you Google 'Google Alerts', you'll see that you can get Google to send you an email on a schedule you decide on any key words or phrases.

    It's great if you are looking up anything specific or keeping an eye on a topic or trend.

    Hope that helps.

    Kind regards


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