Sunday, September 5, 2010

Fall Favorite #2

Curling up with
a good book,
a cozy blanket, and
a cup of hot cocoa.

I know that I can curl up anytime of year and read, but there is just something COZY about doing it in the fall. The house gets a little chilly and there is nothing like getting comfy on the couch and covering my feet with a homemade blanket made by my mom.
And what makes a cup of hot cocoa so special? Mini marshmallows of course!

This fall I will be curling up with For the Kings Grace  by Anne Easter Smith. (I won this book from Marie at The Burton Review for winning the Tudor Mania Challenge) I don't have as much time when school is in session to read, so it makes the time that I can read even more enjoyable.

So, what is going in the basket for my Fall Favorite #2...
*A light but super soft lap blanket
*the best hot cocoa mix in the world- Swiss Miss of course!
*A bag of mini marshmallows to top off the cocoa 
*the book Friendship Cake  by Lynne Hinton

A friend recommended the book  Friendship Cake to me about 6 years ago and I remember it like it was yesterday. It is one of my favorite books that I read as an adult. It is the first in a series written by Lynne Hinton. Here is a little preview from the book:

When five women from Hope Springs Community Church in North Carolina form a committee to create a cookbook, they embark on a project much more meaningful than they could have ever imagined. As novice pastor Charlotte Stewart, no-nonsense Margaret Peele, maverick Louise Fisher, steadfast Jessie Jenkins, and busybody Beatrice Newgarden meet to share recipes they also begin to share their lives and open their hearts.

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Fall Favorite #3 is coming soon, stay tuned!


  1. Hey Cortney ;) This book reminds me of the "Shades of Earl Grey (A Tea Shop Mystery) series that June Houck introduced me to. I think your mum and Nana have read them as well. Love the blanket...never have enough lap robes. We are relaxing today and I'm catching up on my magazine reading and purging...perfect day for me with my blueberry breeze green tea. Have a wonderful evening! xoxo Bobbi

  2. I hadn't heard of this book, but it sounds like a good read. Love Fall Favorite #2! Have a wonderful Labor Day! La

  3. Girl, I think we'd be great pals in real life! I see we like similar things!

    Milk Chocolate Swiss Miss is my fav hot cocoa.


  4. Hey girl.. this is totally not related to your post (even though I totally love reading on the couch with a good "blankie") Anyhow. We have not tried the 10-secong thing..simply out of my own laziness. We were actually doing better--for like a week. And then yesterday happened. But I like your game idea! My goal this month is to really work at this-- and not give up.. Thanks for your encouragement! It's good to know I'm not alone! :)

  5. Love your fall favorite. Wrapping up in a blanket with cocoa and a good book just screams fall. Thanks for commenting on my fall favorite post, it was really hard to only pick 5. I felt like I could of kept going.

    Can't wait for your third favorite!

  6. Sounds so good...the blankie (it's chilly here in the air conditioning....need to cover up!) and the hot chocolate (haven't had any in ages) and the book sounds really good...I think I'll check it out!
    Loving it!

  7. Books, Blankets and quiet makes a lovely time.


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