Thursday, September 9, 2010

Think About It Thursday

Think About It Thursday is a new weekly feature hosted by Rachel at 1001 Books.  Each week she will post a bookish related question that makes you  think and then attempt to answer. This week she has posted a link to make this feature a Blog Hop...I've never done a blog hop before, so please be patient if I break a link or two in the process.

This weeks question:
Which fictional character would you most like to have as your BFF?

Haha! You probably thought that I would choose a historical fiction character, but I'm going to add a little variety to my answer. I would like be best friends with John Coffy from the book The Green Mile by Steven King. Not only was that man huge but he had those special powers to help cure any ailment and keep a person safe. Who wouldn't want 100% health and safety?

That's all I got this week. I'm trying to type this out at six in the morning before I head to my classroom.
Have a great day!


  1. Ahh...yes John Coffy would be a great friend. I didn't read the book but I liked the movie. I forget that Steven King wrote this seems too "nice" for him to be the author...I can't get "Misery" out of my

  2. Hey Cortney...the blog hop is cool because it automatically updates as people add their names to the links on all of our can be a cool thang ;)


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