Thursday, September 16, 2010

Fall Favorite # 3

The Entire Month of October
That's right, my Fall Favorite #3 is the entire month of October and here's why:

  1. It is full of Birthdays: Nana, Bumpa, and Aunt Bonnie. All of their birthdays fall at the end of the month which means we would always get together for Halloween themed birthday parties. As a February baby, I was jealous!

  2. The fall foliage peaks in New Hampshire during the month of October. I always enjoyed driving up the Kangamangus Highway and the White Mountains to see the beautiful colors that October has to offer.

  3. My husband and I had our first date (10/27/02), got engaged (10/27/07), and got married (10/25/09) all during the month of October.

  4. HALLOWEEN! That means candy! I know you can buy Reece's and Snickers through out the year, but there is just something special about having a sack full of individually wrapped candies to make a girl smile!
Here's a look at some of my favorite October Memories

My brother, Wesley, and I in our homemade-by-mom costumes.
It gets really cold in NH even in October, so we always had to pack on the layers before heading out for trick-or-treating.
My cousin Mitchel, my brother Wesley, and I posing for pre-candy pictures.
My aunt Roberta, my mom, my dad as McGruff the Drug Dog, and my cousin Tim as ET.
My mom caught me dipping into the Halloween Candy!
My cousin Tim kicking our butts in a good ol' fashion bobbin' for apples game.

Carl and I on our first anniversary, 10/27/03
Our wedding day, 10/25/09. Nature couldn't have given us a better backdrop for our photo's.

Now, on to the good stuff. I can't possibly put the entire month of October into the basket so here is the next best thing. (Sorry, no picture of the basket-I pre-wrote this post with the intention of adding the basket photo-but now I'm having issues uploading pictures. I'll add the photo when Blogger decides to work right again!)

*In honor of my Nana's birthday- a bag of her favorites- black jelly beans *In honor of my wedding- a bag of DOVE candies (I gave DOVE candies at my wedding because Carl use to hide bags of them for me at work when we started dating) * a Halloween and Pumpkin inspired notepad and pen *Vintage postcards from the White Mountains of New Hampshire * a decorative Pumpkin dish

I hope you enjoyed my Fall Favorite #3. I'll be posting Fall Favorite #4 soon so stay tuned!


  1. these photos...all of them! BUT really love the ones of you kids in your costumes...those were really fun party times and I remember Bumpa being the most excited of all. Do you remember him making haunted houses and walks out in the woods to his old camper in the wood behind the house? When we were little he used to love to scare all the Trick or Treaters by shutting off all the lights, playing scary music and popping out of the bushes and scaring the kids. Then he'd laugh like heck and feel bad for scaring the parents and making the little kids cry...Bad Bumpa! Of course this would only encourage him even more every Thanks for the sweet memories, love ya!

  2. mmm black jelly beans, love them. they are one of those love em or hate em things. and dove.....oh yeah. your wedding photo is lovely!

  3. I am really enjoying reading about your fall favorites.

    You were a beautiful bride!

  4. Yay for October and Fall Favorite #3. I love the "Who me?" look on your face when your mom caught you digging in.

    Hope you are having a wonderful week! La

  5. Man that was a long time ago... Those are great photos, we sure were small huh, didn't seem that way then... I miss Bumpa...

  6. Yeah Mitch- I miss him too. I know you two were close.
    Bobbi-of course I remember the haunted walks through the woods to that old camper. Chung-Hui scared the crap out of me one year when she was a fortune teller witch inside it. I also remember the year that I was a vampire but I was so sick that I didn't even need pale make-up! I wish I had a copy of the photo of him and Nana from the year they dressed up as cavemen/woman.

  7. I forgot all about the haunted house... What a great childhood... I can hear Bump laughing now. "How sweet it is!" "God explitive deleted dummy"... Where would I have been without that man. Smiles

  8. First, black jelly beans are my favorite. I learned to like them from my Grammy (great grandmother) they were her favorite too. She used to tell me that the reason she liked them is because no one else did and she could have them all to herself. I like her thought and that's the reason they are my favorite.

    October is such a great month, I'm not married but when the day comes it will be in October!

    -Meredith @ meredith and maggie

  9. This sure gets me in the spirit for Halloween.


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