Thursday, September 30, 2010

Think About It Thursday

Think About it Thursday is a weekly meme hosted by Rachel at 1001 Books. Each week she'll ask a reading related questions and challenges us to 'think about it'. This weeks questions is:

Tell us about your usual reading environment. Big cozy chair? Out in the yard? On the bus? Complete quiet or ambient noise? Where do you do most of your reading?

I can read almost anywhere as long as it's quiet. I prefer the couch even though it's not very comfy and I find myself flipping into different positions every few minutes. I can read in bed, but I try not to because when I get a good book, I wont be able to put in down no matter how tired I am. I have stayed up until the wee hours of the night by saying, "just one more chapter"...

I can not read in public, I'm too nosy. There are too many people to watch when out and about. I had to take the bus home from work earlier this year when my husband needed the car and I always brought a book to read while waiting and for the ride...but I couldn't focus with everyone coming and going. I've even tried reading in the library, and even though it's quiet, I hear everything and can't help but look at the person whose giggling or talking to themselves.

So, where do you read?


  1. I can't read in public either, I have to see what is going on, would love to read in coffee shops but they are the noisiest places ever! Love to read in bed but my husband to read outside but in ND 6 months of winter and 12 months of wind don't help. Did I sound like I was complaining???? oh my

  2. My darling hubby is addicted, poor man, to Fox, Judge Judy, Cops, etc. So I have to escape to anywhere quiet or I don't even know what I read.

    I carry a book to all our doctor appointments and that gives me a fair amount of read time. Otherwise, I wait til he goes to bed and shut off the TV.

  3. I totally understand the not reading in bed...I do the same thing! :) And the not reading in a public place...for the same reason! When I read on the beach, I spend more time watching the other people than reading!

  4. I'm sort of like you. I get easily distracted. I mostly prefer to read when I go to bed at night.
    However, I sometimes take a book with me to the doctor's office or if I have to sit somewhere and wait a long time.
    I can use it as a prop so I can peak up and watch people. People are so amusing. LOL

  5. Too're too nosy ;) Maybe that's my problem and here I thought I had ADD!!!
    I can't read in bed because I FALL ASLEEP before my head hits the pillow. I have to sit up or forget about it. I just can't read a book at home...have to leave the house and get away from my work...and it has nothing to do with the fact that I work from home now...cause even when I worked full-time out of the house...I still couldn't read a book at home. Always felt like something had to be done, like cooking or laundry, etc. Also getting away makes for fewer choices and I'm sorta STUCK reading what I've brought..whereas at home or in a book store...forget about it...I'm like a kid in a candy store! Have a great night bowling!

  6. I use to like to read on my lunch hour - but now that I have to use that time to get my "exercise steps" in, well that is gone. I prefer to read over listening to books on tapes too...that to me isnt' reading! I read in bed too, but after years of doing so, find that after 10 minutes I cannnot keep my eyes open...good part or not. I find myself "shaking" my head to keep awake long enough to finish the paragraph...only to have to re-read the same page the next night. And ....if I do try to read at work? Well, I have to stop after 10 minutes or find myself shaking my head to keep awake ! LOL


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