Monday, September 6, 2010

School in the Morning

I am headed back to my classroom tomorrow, my summer if officially over. The 180 day count down begins again. Don't get me wrong, I love my job. In honor of this I thought I would share a poem with you. I wrote this right after I graduated high school (9 years ago) to honor all the teachers I had in K-12. I hope you enjoy!

All my days...

One day my mom explained to me
How I had to go to school and the fun that it would be

She dressed me up in new clothes and shoes
She instructed me on the don'ts and do's

There I was, just 5 years young
Off to kindergarten, where it all begun

Ms. Alexa was her name
Always smiling, always the same

I learned my alphabet and numbers too
Everyday something new to do

I had fun and made a friend or two
I was sad when the year was through

But that fall to my surprise
I entered first grade with open eyes

Mrs. Blake taught me how to read and write
She told me I was smart and bright

I learned a lot my second year
But second grade came and I gave a cheer

Mrs. Jennings was alot of fun
Lots of lessons to be done

That year we made homemade butter
I was good at art, the best paper cutter

In third grade I had two teachers, Mrs. Parks, and Mrs. O'Reily
Mrs. Parks had a baby and I thought of Mrs. R very highly

I learned to multiply and divide
I learned about the sun, moon, ocean, and tide

I was a polar bear in the class play
But in the 3rd grade I could not stay

Fourth grade was an exciting year
Ms. Okonskee was nice and full of cheer

Ms. Federspiel was my 5th grade teachers name
Her husband passed away that year, but she still came

One time I had to sit in the office for half the day
I talked back to the teacher and it was NOT okay

I had two memorable teachers in the 6th grade
Memories of Mr. McGee and Mrs. Lorch will never fade

One for Science and Math, one for English and History
What I learned that year is still a mystery

Anthony was my first boyfriend ever
He was cute but not to clever

In the 7th grade I had several teachers each day
Every day for an hour each, that was the way

I remember Ms. Powell, Ms. Culkin, Ms. Taylor, and Mr Rouge
But the others I can't remember...I haven't a clue

I built a solar powered toy car
I put it to the test, but it didn't go far

We had to read the book The Giver
Still my favorite book ever

Eighth grade was much the same
I learned that school was not just a game

That year my dad got sick and it looked bad
But I thanked all my teachers for the support I had

I remember Ms. Horne, Mr. Roberts, and Mrs. Hughes
I was also a cheerleader for team that didn't like to loose

Then came the beginning of high school , the important part
My brain would be filled with information, every single part

I took English, and Chemistry, Algebra and Art
I couldn't wait for the cheerleading season to start

I never got to play sports that year
I got sick with mono and failing was a big fear

I got better with time and recovered somewhat
But it was not the same and I was stuck in a rut

Tenth grade was much the same
I got really sick as winter came

I had to take English twice because I was sick
I didn't recover as soon as I hoped, it was all but quick

That year my parents separated and my dad moved out
I learned what family was all about

I started the 11th grade in one school, but then schools changed
My life was a puzzle that had been rearranged

I moved to North Carolina and saw new people and places
I learned that change was good in most cases

I experienced a new way of education
And all of a sudden I had new motivation

Then came my senior year
I'm glad I got to experience it there

Mrs. Vars, Mr. Bumgarner, Mrs. Vesta, and Ms. Greene
Together they made a great "A Day" team

Ms. McKeig, Ms. Kazmarak, Mrs. Jordan, and Ms. Guerrero
All my teachers are some one's hero's

I joined DECA and drama club and went to prom
And through the rough times I tried to stay calm

And I made it through my final year
My future ahead is open, I have no fear

For all the lessons, academic or not
For all the money in the world, they couldn't be bought

I thank everyone for their support and showing me the ways
And I'll remember each one of you, for all my days...


  1. That almost gave me a nervous 'school tummy'!

  2. Ahhh...very nice...I never saw this one before. This would be a great front page for your school scrapebook! Hope you had a good first day ;)

  3. Nice! All those teachers...yep...I remember some fondly and others...not. Have a great day

  4. Soo cute! Good luck with the first week back!

  5. Brings back so many memories. Having written this out, using the teacher names and locations, should really help you to always remember your lessons and those that touched your life and helped to push you in the direction you chose as your vocation.
    Glad you posted this again, I had forgotten how it went!


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