Saturday, September 18, 2010

Fall Favorite #4

Soup-or anything else you can eat out of a giant mug!

I love soup. Potato soups are my favorite. I also love Campbell's Bean & Bacon soup. It's one of those condensed soups in a can and it kind of looks like dog food when you open it, but if you can get past that it tastes awesome!

Tonight I treated myself to some Loaded Baked Potato soup. Our grocery store, Ralph's, has excellent hot soup ready to go at their stores, so I picked up some of that and a loaf of bread for dinner.

Notice that I eat my soup out of a giant mug instead of a bowl. Here's why: I eat almost everything from the comfort of my couch. We don't have a dinning room table, nor a dinning room right now, but even when we did I always preferred to sit on the couch. I hold my plate on my lap and put my drink on the coffee table. However, it's hard to hold a bowl of soup-it's always too hot. Instead I use a large over sized coffee mug. The handle allows me to hold the side of it with out burning my hand.

 The other day my aunt Roberta from Con-tain-it e-mailed me a fabulous Apple Dumpling recipe from The Pioneer Woman. I picked up the few simple ingredients it called for and hurried home to try it. Let's just say I think I have a new favorite apple recipe!

I served myself a piece over french vanilla ice cream. YUMMY! I like eating desserts that require ice cream from my giant mug too, that way when the ice cream starts to melt it doesn't slide all over a plate. It smelled wonderful, it tasted wonderful, it was so easy to make and it was inexpensive!
The best part about it...

Thank you Roberta and Pioneer Woman, you are miracle workers! He has never eaten any of my apple creations before, but absolutely loved this one. It has a nice custard flavor to it...maybe it was the secret ingredient, Mountain Dew! (Side note: my husband was at work so I brought the Apple Dumplings to him and his co-workers to try. Please excuse his appearance-he has a messy job. Also, in case you were wondering-he is eating it out of a plastic dish and using a tongue depressor as a utensil)

Now, for the good stuff. I have included in this picture the items that are associated with my Fall Favorite #3 and #4 since my computer was having issues and a picture wasn't available for FF #3 the other day.

For Fall Favorite #4 I have added SOUP, a small and simple soup recipe book, and a GIANT mug...good for all your soups, desserts, and hot chocolates.

Thank you for stopping by. I hope you enjoyed my Fall Favorite #4 as much as my tummy did!
Fall Favorite #5 will be coming soon and I think I have saved the best and the biggest part of the giveaway for last. I'll be wrapping up and summarizing all my favorites on Tuesday, September 21st and then the link party portion of Fall Favorites will begin! I can't wait to see everyone else's Fall Favorites!


  1. Wow! What an amazing post, seriously... man I am hungry now...

  2. Here is a link to a free photo editing tool... It's a little clunky, but it seems pretty easy to work with once you play around with it... It can help you resize, add frames, and customize your images to enhance your blog...

    Let me know if you need help figuring it out, if you decide to try it... I can send you a training tutorial, or I could remote into your computer and teach you...

  3. You are really excellent at blogging... Not that I am in any position to criticize, I don't frequent very many. I really enjoyed reading all your posts... I think you might benifit from being on a better platform though... If someone isn't up to speed on your blog then they have to keep scrolling to infinity... Let me know if you want to move to wordpress, alls you have to do is purchase a 10 url... how about it's available, I just checked...

  4. Thanks Mitch! I really enjoy writing it and it serves as my virtual scrapbook now. I'm going to check out the photo editing tool for sure. I'm still getting to know my blog here on Blogger and everything that I can do...there are some things that it is lacking, but it was a good place to start. I need to move my archives closer to the top and create a topic cloud like Bobbi suggested. I'm exited to see her new site when it comes together.
    Thanks for all the comments, I get super excited when I open my profile and it says I have comments and new friends.

  5. Oh yeah nothing like bean w'bacon soup and BUGLES...yummy ;) Love the mug in the basket and I think you are actually convincing me to like So glad the dessert came out so well and that DH loved it...and he looked fine btw...who knew Moutain Dew ;)

  6. We went to the orchard yesterday and picked apples. I need to check out that yummy looking dumpling recipe.

    I hope you are having a wonderful weekend! La

  7. I love hot baked potato soup when it turns off cooler. Another fall favorite.

  8. So it's about 10am here and I'm craving soup. Thanks! My favorite is broccoli cheddar, yum! I've always been a mug girl, I drink/eat anything I can out of a mug.

    -Meredith @ meredith and maggie

  9. I love PWC and have made many of her recipes. Her new book is so beautiful. You went to a lot of work for the fall favorites. Love them.

  10. That apple dumpling looks so good! Love your goodies. Debbie


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