Tuesday, September 14, 2010

TV Tirade

I've decided that the station TLC (The Learning Channel) should be re-named as Totally Lame Crap. I was sitting here watching TLC and I have been forced to change the channel. I use to like most shows on that station, but now I really only like a few.

The reason why I had to change the channel is a new show called Sister Wives. I don't even know the whole premise of the show but I don't need or want to. If it's what is sounds like then it's about this guy who is "married" to three women who happen to be sisters. WHAT? WHY? Who told TLC they wanted to watch a show on polygamy? I hope people don't watch it. I hope the ratings suck. I hope it goes off the air before the end of it's first season. I hope it is replaced by re-runs of all of TLC's other formerly good shows.

Here are some other shows that have pissed me off lately
Dancing with the Stars- Sarah Palin's daughter is NOT a star...and what kind of image does that send to teens- get pregnant and become a star. MTV hasn't helped in the matter of glamorizing teen pregnancy either. **I've never actually watched this show-it's always pissed me off.
Cake Boss- Buddy's voice makes me want to puncture my ear drums. AND just because you put a flower on a cake doesn't mean you made it! Give your staff some credit every once in awhile!
America's Got Talent- how many quarter, semi, petite, mini, almost finalist shows can you have in one season?
I didn't know I was pregnant- thank you for making me so paranoid that I now keep a stash of pregnancy tests in the bathroom.
Quints by Surprise- you are a cheap rip off of John and Kate plus Eight and you suck...and you don;t have as many kids.
Kate plus Eight- people are right- you changed.
Wheel of Fortune- how many "toss up" rounds can you have in 30 minutes? The contestants are lucky to play 2 rounds before the show is over. By the way- I always know the answer first.
Project Runway- Love this show but they moved it up an hour and I miss it because I go bowling on Thursday's.

What show gets on your nerves? Do you have the will power to shut the TV off? If you are one of "those people" who don't watch TV...share the secret of your self control please because I don't have any!


  1. Boy, do I agree with you! My big one these days is "Gates" about the vampires. PLEASE!

  2. well there ya go. feel better? LoL
    I bet the sister wives is Morman polygamy, that is what they call themselves.
    We don't have cable so we don't have near the pickings.
    I do love Glee, and American Idol. House is good but I have a Monday night commitment so don't get to see it now. I think that Wipe out is getting dumb. It was funny but how many times can people fall off the big balls before it gets old! Don't watch Americas got talent because I hate the sappy way they try to pull emotion with the music editing. Have a good night's sleep and a BIG cup of coffee in the morning. And step away from the tv, put the remote down. ;-)

  3. OMG! Cake Boss drives me crazy too. His voice is so anoying and his sisters are SO obnoxious!

    I didn't know about the polygamy show on TLC. Great family programming. He must be a real stud. ;o}

    I find myself spending more and more time on blogs. I'm not missing much on TV; although I do have some favorites.

    Have a great day! I'm on the edge of my seat waiting for Fall Favorite #3. La

  4. hmmm...are you PMSing...LMAO ;) Cause I could swear that you are! Sorry but I don't know any of these shows because I am one of those annoying people who DON'T WATCH TV! I did try to watch Dancing w/Stars but it is so BORING...how many years in a row can people watch the same pro dancers trying to teach uncoordianted actors (who are now reality TV wanna-bees) the SAME DANCES EVERY SEASON...it's up there with AM.IDOL for me. I guess my SECRET would be...I just cannot stand to waste what little time I have on LAME ASS TV ;) When I do watch... it's usually movies on DVD or cooking and travel shows, etc. that I can learn something from. I guess I don't find the need to be entertained and by TV of all things. Live takes effort...what can I say ;)

  5. I like Cake Boss every once in a while...but I can only watch it in small amounts. That new quints show is not good...I definitely agree. The couple and the family just aren't very magnetic. I really do like I Didn't Know I was Pregnant...mostly because I like to try to figure out HOW IN THE WORLD they didn't know! With only a few exceptions, most of those people are just stupid. Trust me, unless you have some medical reason that would keep you from getting pregnant on your own, you KNOW when you are pregnant!

    The show I can simply NOT watch ever is Teen Mom...I just want to slap them all. It just ends up making me made.

    And I truly can't believe that TLC put a show on polygamy in their line up. That's craziness.

    Thankfully for you, the new fall shows are starting...hopefully you'll find some good TV out there! :)

  6. Wow...you had a short nerve for this posting! LOL I have several shows that I "hate" Like Maury Povich....why is he still on the air and why do people love to watch other people acting both ignorant and badly towards each other?
    Jerry Springer is another one....don't get me started.
    I like "The Gates" - it's an escape from reality not meant to mimic real life and that is why I watch most TV...Don't watch any of those Jersey Housewifes, NY Housewifes etc...they all behave badly and what is so interesting about another housewives life? Nothing! Jersey Shores? PUHLEASE - someone needs to give them sleeping pills
    Oh boy....now you got me started!

  7. Turn the TV OFF... They are indoctrinating, distracting, and corrupting the masses into a certain way of thinking, intentionally... It's filled with symbolism and propaganda that the average person will never be aware of... Welcome to the Matrix. Are you awake yet?

    I don't expect you to approve this post... Best wishes to you and Carl... Peace


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