Sunday, November 28, 2010

Body Double

I don't know if you've noticed from any of the pictures that I've posted of Hubby and myself but we are body doubles.

We are both 5'9" in  height give or take a centimeter or two.

We both weigh within 5 lbs of each other. I'd like to say that I'm the lesser of the two but that is not always the case.

I often borrow his T-shirts and sweaters because I have a little boy chest.

And I've been known to wear his shorts on occasion too.

And lucky for me we even wear the same shoe size which means when Hubby is at work my feet find their way into his super cozy slippers. However, Carl has always insisted that I "stretch out" his shoes and slippers with my clown feet. You'd think he'd run out and buy his beautiful wife a pair of her own slippers to end the great slipper stretching debate, but he has yet to do this. He also insists that I "clam up" his slipper with my sweaty feet, but I like to consider it as "warming them up" for him. Whatever.

It finally came to a head and we decided there was only one way to end the feet debate. We went toe to toe for a knock down drag out battle. Well, not quite...we just stuck our feet together and took a picture.

This is the only time you will EVER see me write these words...My husband was right! My feet are bigger!

Oh well, I loose. Maybe Hubby will get me a set of my own  giant slippers for Christmas? Until then, I will continue to squeeze my boat  like feet into his man slippers. As a matter of fact, I'm wearing them right now! And come to think of it, I'm also wearing his shirt and drinking hot cocoa from his coffee mug! 

Remember men that when you get married- What's hers is hers and what's yours is also hers!


  1. I try telling Don that we all just look cuter in their clothes. Sometimes he can be bitter but oh well. I think you have at least one lovely foot since I can't see the other. His are a tad offense Carl.

  2. This is a hysterical post! I LOVE it.

    However, I am a tad concerned that you and your hubby are fraternal twins separated at birth reunited by marriage - - - and that is just plain SCARY!


  3. Oh my...very scary feet and I'm with Carl...get your own slippers...especially if your feet are

  4. Hey Cortney.... thanks for your comment the other day... if you get a chance i would really love to know what the med was you took for your IBS... Thanks darlin..


  5. Cute post, Cortney. Happy Monday! La

  6. You are so funny. I've joked that I have giant feet...size 10 ladies! But my feet aren't wide so that helps we when shoe shopping.

  7. Too funny...your feet arent' bigger, your toes are just longer - bwahahaha! You just need to have a pair of slippers in each room, then you won't need to slip into Carls! LOL

  8. My husband and I do this too!! He appropriated my favorite pair of basketball shorts for his own use, so I appropriated his favorite hoodie!!


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