Thursday, November 11, 2010

His & Her Dinner # 7- The Soup Edition

It has been quite awhile since I have posted the feature His & Her Dinner, but I am happy to be bringing it back now! For those who may not be familiar with His & Her Dinner let me explain. My husband is one of the pickiest eaters I have ever known. When we moved to California we decided to try to cook at home as much as possible in order to save money. However, with his very limited pallet it soon became very  difficult to find meals that we could both enjoy together. So to solve this dilemma I began cooking 2 different meals, one for him and one for me, but used the same base ingredients to create both which still helped cut down on our food expenses. You can catch up on past episodes by clicking the links below. 

And without further adieu, here is His & Her Dinner #7

The Soup Edition

Carl has always enjoyed a nice bowl of soup and has actually expanded the variety of soups he'll eat. By expanding I mean he went from eating 1 kind of soup to enjoying 3 kinds of soup now! I should also tell you that it  took several attempts before he would try soup that I cooked-if it didn't come from a restaurant or from the grocery store's hot soup bar he didn't want to eat for some reason. Thankfully,  one day the store was out of their Loaded Baked Potato Soup so I told him again that I could make him a soup just like it and he finally agreed to try it. He now asks me to make it regularly.  

His: Cheesy Potato Soup with Bacon
If you hadn't noticed, Carl likes to eat almost an entire loaf of French bread with his soup!

Her: Fall Chowder
Look familiar? That's because I just posted the recipe, click here to  get it. Remember it had 3 kinds of peppers, spices, corn, and potatoes! It was exploding with flavor. Speaking of exploding,  I took some to work the next day and put it in the microwave to heat and when I came back to check on it I found that it had exploded all over the microwave! Not only did I spend my lunch break cleaning up the mess,  I also went hungry! That is what happens hen you don't own a microwave for over a year-you forget how to use it and end up ruining your lunch!

The base ingredient this time is Campbell's Creamy Potato Soup. It's such a versatile ingredient. I also use it when I make myself Chicken Pot Pie, which Carl still refuses to eat. 

If you enjoyed this episode of His & Her Dinner, you'll love the Thanksgiving episode coming soon!


  1. funny sometimes we have his and her and his and her dinners - with two kids in the house! especially with both of them working and different throw in a boyfriend and girlfriend and trying to figure out what they like...oh my!

  2. Way to think outside the box and please both pallets. La

  3. Don and I have totally different taste buds. I make mostly what he eats after so many years because it's just easier. I would probably be a vegetarian if I didn't have to cook for him. Not for any other reason but I don't like the texture of meat. Most of the time we eat out and I just order a sweet potato and scarf something off his plate. I'm cheap that soups look good.

  4. It's not's bread dip for
    Oh my, what did you put the microwave had to be over 3 minutes to make it explode? Ahh...sorry but no soup in the chicken pot pie...GRAVY goes in pot pies ;)


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