Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Only 7 Days left to enter the $45 CSN Giveaway

I have 69 Followers and only 20 have signed up! 
You only have 7 days left before I draw the winner.

It could be YOU!


  1. I'm listed. As much as I would like you to get more it makes my odds better with just, really I do hope you get more.

  2. Hi Cortney, thanks for stopping by..guess what, my hubs name is Carl, too! Small thinks you and I need to meet up sometime..we really need a so cal bloggers get together, I will work on that after the new year!


  3. I just wanted to let you know I finished January 1905 and it was super. I got confused a few times on who was Pauline and who was Arlene but I think it had a really good message. I'm going to take it back north with me for the grandson, age 10, to read. It definitely showed a time that we're all glad is over with. Thanks for your sweetness in sending it to me. Hugs2U, Donnie


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