Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Wednesday Wonderisms

It is noon on the day before Thanksgiving and I have just returned from a couple of stores where I grabbed a few last minute items (roasting pan, turkey baster, ice cream). It was relatively quiet and calm out which got me wondering a little so I thought I'd join in with Angela from Sew Loquacious for her Wonderisms Wednesday. The following are completely random questions that have popped in my head through the week.

1.) Since when did Black Friday start turning into Black Thanksgiving Thursday Night? Several of the stores in our area have been bombarding the TV and Newspaper ads with "Special Deals" starting at 5PM Thanksgiving night. Why? And one particular  department store will be opening it's doors at 3AM Friday morning...unless you are selling everything for a penny a piece I will NOT be there.

2.) How much do people really save by shopping on Black Friday? I don't know because I've never shopped on that day..I actually prefer not to leave the house that day at all.

3.) THIS ONE IS COMPLETELY RANDOM: How do male gynecologists go home to their wives and "get in the mood"? Here's how I see it-my brother use to work at Dunkin Donuts and after about a week he didn't want to look, touch, or smell a donut outside of work.Wouldn't you think the same rule applies to gynecologists?

4.)  How is it possible to clean the house one night and by the next morning new cobwebs have appeared where you just dusted/cleaned?

If  you'd like to participate in Wednesday Wonderisms visit Angela at Se Loquacious. And please feel free to help answer my wonderisms above. I assume that of my 2 male readers that neither of them are gynecologists, but maybe one of my lady readers is married to a gyno and can help answer this bizarre wonderism?


  1. Those are all good questions.

    I go out on BF only if the sale price is so good that I can't possibly pass it up.

    Happy Thanksgiving! La

  2. Ha! Good questions, Cortney! As for Black day before Thanksgiving, et al, I'm with you! I will not be leaving the house to "save" loads anywhere!
    As for gynos, I don't know. I did ask my urologist (kidney stone history) why he picked that specialty, though. He said, "the hours."
    Have a super Thanksgiving and thanks for playing!!

  3. Went to Wally World one Black Friday with my SIL who is tall and aggressive and she muscled her way in and I stayed close to her...will never do it again.

    Your gyno questions brings to mind a butcher that still enjoys a good steak. Maybe if they're in love with their SO everything is new and beautiful....If not the lights go out.

  4. Ha! ha! I'm with Donnie...close your eyes ;) I hate black's a conspiracy by the stores to get all of our's a real conspiracy! Now you making us all why would anyone want to be a Proctologist?? btw...spiders are only clean your cobwebs in the morning so you can enjoy your house cobweb free all day ;)

  5. BWAHAHAH good questions and responses....
    Bobbi brought up even more good questions...bwahahaha. I say leave the cobwebs alone, they add mystery and spookiness to the decor!If you like that look! LOL
    And among those "Why would anyone" jobs...funeral directors/embalmers? really, why?


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