Sunday, November 21, 2010

School Pictures

A few weeks ago our school held Picture Day. I thought it was just for the kiddo's, but apparently teachers have to get their portraits done as well...for the yearbook I guess.  So I sucked it up, pulled my hair into as neat of a pony tail as I could, wiped kiddie drool of my shirt, and tried to ignore the fact that I hadn't plucked my eyebrows in weeks and took the photo.

On Friday the kid's portraits arrived. My kids photo's all looked beautiful! You would never have been able to tell that I was in the background making stupid faces, clapping my hands, holding up bags of gummy bears as bribes to make them smile, or that in a few photo's I was actually ducked behind kids holding them. The photographers were excellent and took multiple photo's of each child until I thought they had captured the "essence" of each child's personality. When it was my turn I just took one photo and said, "that is fine". Then we moved onto the class photo which was not easy to capture. It was hard enough getting 1 kiddo at a time to stand still and smile and now they wanted all 10 kid's to sit and smile at the same time. I just told the photographer, "just  keep clicking...don't count or wait, just click away and you'll get one." It's not a great class photo, but it sure does illustrate the ciaos that is my class.

So when the photo's arrived I looked through them all and was surprised to find an envelope with pictures of me.   Apparently,  one of the "perks" of being a teacher is that you get a FREE photo package of yourself. I am thankful for this perk, but what am I going to do with 36 of these...

Yes, my package included 36 wallet sized photo's, 2- 5x7's, and 4- 3x5's. You know what it didn't include? A class photo! One of my assistants was nice enough to give me her copy. Then, when I was looking at the class photo last night I realized that my assistant Sofia is listed on the bottom of the photo as 'Soffa'! Which is HILARIOUS because one of our kid's can't pronounce her name and always calls her Sofa and she's always trying to correct them!

So, in the spirit of my school photo theme today I though I would share an old school portrait of mine with you. After looking through all of my photo's, this is the only school portrait that I have. Enjoy!


  1. Ah...I like you photo...the background is kinda bright...what were they thinking? But if you put it into a black matt it should neutralize it a Be sure to send me one please ;) Now ya know so you can be prepared next year and wear a neutral top...white or black are always the best. Love you smile in your gradeschool photo...what grade is this btw? Looks like the 80's with the hair cut and top. Can you remember your favorite song? How come I hear the band "Flock of Seagulls"...ENJOY:

  2. I think both photo's are great Cortney. It must be that lovely smile and sense of humor that I like the most. I love the shade of your blouse in the first picture but Roberta's right the background isn't right.

  3. lol how cute!
    that is quite a background color wow.


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