Monday, November 22, 2010

Feeling Nostalgic

WARNING: Mom and Bobbi if you are reading this go grab  some tissues because I know you two, and you're probably going to cry. 

I was inspired by my aunt Bobbi (better known in blog land as Roberta) the other day when she wrote about some of her childhood clothing that she has kept over the years. She is working on a 21-Day Purge to de-clutter and organize her home and she shared some of the pieces that remain nostalgic too her.  You can catch up on her 21-Day Purge and see her nostalgia by visiting her at Con-tain-it.

It just so happens that I had been looking through my own memory box the other day searching for old Christmas photo's when I rediscovered some of my own childhood clothing items. I was then inspired to look through the photo albums my mom has made for me over the years to see if I could find photo's of me wearing the clothes. Surprise, surprise...I found just what I was looking for.

First up is what I call my "Piano Outfit". I don't know if you can tell from the picture but the outfit is quite small-size T-3. It is still in good condition with only minor wear at the collar. It's made out of that really soft velour material.

I call it my "Piano Outfit" because I received this little set on my 2nd birthday, the same year I also received a little piano. 
My big brother Wes helped me open my presents as my Bumpa (that's what we called my grand-dad) watched from the couch. 

Next up is my Prairie dress. I always thought that this outfit had been for one of my dolls because it is also very small, but apparently it fit me at one time. This dress is in near perfect condition and the colors are still as bright as ever!
My Nana and Bumpa picked this little dress up or me on a trip to Tennessee. 

That's my cousin Mitchel helping me with my gifts. 

Last, but certainly not least is what I call my "Doll house Dress". 

I call it my Doll house Dress because I wore it on my 5th birthday, the year that my Bumpa gave me a handmade doll house that he built himself. 
It was beautiful and had all kinds of miniature furniture, decorations, and people.  I still have the doll house but it is being stored back home in North Carolina until we have the space to bring it here. It also needs a little restoration work done to  it which I would like to do eventually. 
Even  the boys got into playing with it. That's my cousin Mitchel, my brother Wesley, and my dad. 

When I was searching through the photo album for pictures of me in my doll house dress I also came across this photo...

And low and behold  guess what I found in my memory box?

It's that very special card that my cousin Mitchel made me! It's in excellent condition despite being 22 years old!

I have to thank my mom for saving all these things for me until I was old enough to take care of them myself. Everything in my memory box is good condition and I hope to keep it that way.  I have a lot more nostalgia in the box and I  hope to share it with you again soon!

Do you have a memory box? What nostalgia do you have in it?


  1. That was so sweet Cortney. My mom lost all her pictures in some type of flooding after I left home so I have very few from my childhood days. that is so special that you can visit your past just by opening a box. I scanned all my photo album pages and keep a copy in Florida and the originals in NC. Now I'm recopying the disk into the computer so I can do slideshows of the pages. Memories are so sweet.

  2. Most of my childhood was captured on old movies. Last time we tried to view them, the old projector started tearing the film.

    Thank you for sharing your walk down memory lane. Happy Thanksgiving! La

  3. I created a wedding memory box, to have when my children ask me about our wedding!

  4. You are right, I do have a few tears in my eyes as I relive the memories! The doll house dress was also special because Nana had that dress handmade for you along with a matching dress for your doll. Nana loved Polly Flinders dresses which were special smocked front dresses, the women she bought that dress from did lots of matching dresses like that.

  5. P.S.....

    I'm looking at the hair styles as well....your Mama wasn't too bad as a hair stylist! LOL

  6. it all! I hope Mitchell reads this...I'm sending him an email ;) I just love the Prarie should print out your blog post and send this to Nana...she'd love it! Especially since we can't get her on-line. I remember hand painting the walls in that doll house and Bumpa cutting all those popsicle sticks for the "wood floors" and "roof shingles" was his pride and joy making that doll's a keeper ;) I have a sweater of Mitchell's that had his name embroidered on it and when Tim was a baby we put it on a stuffed Monkey that he slept with...still have the's in this post:

  7. Sweet stuff Cortney. I love the "Little House on the Prarie" dresses...I had a few, too. Great memories!


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