Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Rubbers...Get your rubbers here!

Did that title get your attention? I hope it did because I have to share this amazing deal with you!

Roberta from Con-tain-it has just completed a 21 Day Purge in which she de-cluttered and organized her home, a.k.a "The Love Shack". On Day 20 and Day 21 she worked on clearing out her rubber stamp collection. Now here is where  the deal is...she is selling sets of rubber stamps for next to nothing! And all the profits will be going to the charity The Mercy House. She has over 50 sets and they are priced between $3 and $6 per set (plus shipping). You can't buy some of these stamps for that price and you'll be getting 2-6 per set depending on  what you like!

I've placed a bid on this one, I can see myself stamping it in the kids notebooks at school. 

She has dozens of Holiday stamps sets to choose from if you need to make a few last minute Christmas cards. Or maybe it's the perfect gift for a special someone. 

I also bid on this cute penguin set...only $5.00!

I love this set, it's so perfect for all occasions!

There are over 50 sets to choose from so hurry on over and Congratulate Roberta on  completing her 21-Day Purge and bid on your favorite stamp sets! Click either link below to see what is still available. 


  1. THANKS SO MUCH for spreading the blog love and getting the word out for my sale and one of my favorite charities ;) xoxoxox Roberta

  2. I was getting ready to go to bed, but I had to see what this post was all about. You are so ornery. Have a great evening! La

  3. Uh Oh, looks like we might have to have a war over the penguin's. Remember I'm on a fixed income and you're a teacher so I'm not sure how far we can go...hehhe.

  4. Hey Cortney...you didn't leave a BID in the comments section for the "Shopping Lists" so just let me know by placing a comment with your bid amout...thanks ;)

  5. Those are amazing prices for rubber stamps! I often wonder what I could get for charity if I went through my knitting stash.....hmmmmm.....


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