Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Professional Nap Taker

I am a self proclaimed Professional Nap Taker. Since Thanksgiving is right around the corner and many of us will find ourselves in Turkey Coma's shortly after the table  is clear, I thought I would share my wealth of nap taking knowledge with everyone.

Here are some basic guidelines that always help me take the perfect snooze.

#1- Nap on a couch or comfy chair. Some of the best naps I have ever taken were on my mother-in-laws' couch. My husband and I argue over who gets to sit/lay on the couch first  when we visit. Thankfully, she has an over sized chair that matches the couch and is equally as nap inducing.

#2- Do NOT nap in bed unless you are sick. My body knows the difference between the bed and the couch and if  I attempt to nap in bed I will sleep way too long.

#3- Get a comfy pillow. A bad pillow will result in a bad nap.

#4- Cover up with a blanket. It's important to feel cozy like a baby.

#5- Don't set an alarm, your body knows how much sleep  it needs. When I set an alarm I spend most of my nap time worrying how much longer until it goes off.

#6- Nap with the lights on. It is much easier to wake up from a nap when the lights are on than when it is dark. This is especially true now that it gets dark earlier.

#7- Don't try to take a nap if anyone in close proximity to you has a camera or you may end up with an unflattering photo like this...

Happy Napping!


  1. Such a cute post and that baby is adorable.

  2. Ahhh...love the baby...so cute...how come people don't think adults are cute when they drool...lol...right Cortney ;) I'm also a fan of naps and have been known to go sit in my car at lunch time at work and catch a 20 minute nap...I always wake up in time...but would have DH call and wake me up just in case. Always love taking naps on the weekends...just makes them last longer cause then I can stay up late.

  3. Too funny - and a good post! Your points are really good ones! Course, I'm partial to the last photo since I'm the taker! LOL Better watch out! LOL

  4. Those are some great nap tips! I am also a bit of a nap connoisseur and will use these nap tips!


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