Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Breast Cancer Awareness


Since my home computer is broken, I can not transcribe any of the tape that I have been working on for my usual Story Tellers contribution. However, I love participating in Story Tellers hosted by Shannon at A Southern Belle with Northern Roots so much each week that I atleast wanted to share something with you all. Can you tell by the button at the top what this post is going to be about? Well, in honor of October which in Breast Cancer Awareness Month I thought I would share a quick story with you. Click on the Breast Cancer Awareness Button above to get to the rightful owner and snag it for yourself when your done reading!

Years ago I worked for an OB/GYN office in order to pay for college. We had a "remote" office that operated 2 days per week in another town and I was the receptionist at that location. I enjoyed being up front and talking to all the patients when they came in and seeing all the pregnant women who glowed. Anyway, on one particular day this tiny older women came in. When I say older, I mean she was in her late 80's. But, she had her hair done, a well put together outfit on, and she even had on her high heels. She came in and said, "I hope this doesn't take long, I got to walk the dogs after this and it's been raining so they are cranky. I can't walk in the rain in high heels and I don't own flats so the dogs just might be out of luck!". She was the funniest patient that I ever remember from working there.

A few minutes after she gets called back to the room the nurse comes out of the room laughing so hard she was almost crying. Then the doctor comes out and is chuckling. Finally, when they could control themselves they shared the funny story.

Upon entering the room the nurse and doctor proceeded with their normal routine. When it was time for the breast exam the doctor asked the patient, "Do you perform regular breast exams?" and the women replies, "No...but my husband does!". And the jokes kept coming with her.

The point to my little story is this, it is important for you to perform regular self breast exams AND keep a sense of humor! And, even though it's not "Vagina Awareness Month", you should continue to get regular pap smears and annual exams for general health too.

A Healthy Body is a Happy Body!


  1. hmmm...are you sending me a subliminal

  2. That was such a cute story for a very serious subject. I was diagnosed 2 years ago with Bladder Cancer and that is another one you can catch early if only you pay attention to your body.

    The only symptom I had was a pink tinge when I used the toilet paper. No obvious anything but I'm 65 years old and shouldn't have anything. It did not go away. I saw my family doc & he said infection, didn't clear up. Saw a gyno and he said if you don't use it you lose it and gave me hormone cream. Didn't stop 6 months later saw a urologist, he did a CT and saw the tumor. Two surgeries and 6 weeks of chemo and I have had 2 clear checkups. I'm told I will have cystoscopes every 3 months for 10 years. Small price to pay.

    Thank you for letting me use you as a forum but please, Ladies, if things don't seem right don't let it go.

  3. how sweet, here's to high heels and humor in our 80's!! thank you so much for linking even with a broken computer!

  4. Such a cute post but with a great message. I am visiting via Story Tellers.


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