Sunday, October 24, 2010

Novel Idea

Well, it's official...I have signed up for a HUGE project. I'm going to attempt to write a 50,000 word Novel in November!

Yes, you read that right...I'm writing a Novel in November. My aunt Roberta from Con-tain-it sent me a link a few days ago for this amazing challenge. After much reading on their site I decided to bite the bullet and sign up. You can check out National Novel Writing Month at

The basic concept is to write a 50,000 word, 175-page novel starting November 1st and finishing by November 30th. There are no rules. Just write. They even tell you that you will write mostly crap...but this challenge isn't about quality, it's about quantity. Most people who want to write a novel fail before they even begin because they are too hung up on what they are writing. This exercise  is designed to show people that they are capable of writing and that it's easier when you just don't think  about it and just do it.  

According to my calculations this is how is breaks down.  

If I write everyday I'll have to write 5 pages per day OR approximately 1,700 words per day. 

If I dedicate 1 hour per day to writing then I'll have to write 1 page every 12 minutes OR 30 words per minute.(I don't even know if I can type 30 words per minute!)

I anticipate that at least 5 hairs on my head will turn gray each day that I participate. 

I also anticipate that I will pull out at least a handful of  hair each week that I participate.  

I have concluded that I will look like this on November30th...
Yes, I know he has a mustache, but if I'm spending all my free time  writing then I won't have time to go get my upper lip waxed like usual so I probably will have a fuzz stash too!

In conclusion, this Novel Idea will either result in my becoming a genius OR a crazy lady...but they are really one in the same anyway aren't they?

Any suggestions? Should I go for drama, comedy, tragedy, horror? Any words of wisdom for me? Any wishes for Good Luck? Anything....


  1. Wow. I don't have the gift of writing but hey...go for it! I'll bet you have some great ideas. Good luck!!!!

  2. Good luck! I hope you'll share your results when you finish!

  3. If your novel is like your posts you're sure to win. I have trouble spitting out a comment here or there. If you don't try you can't win. Good luck. I'll send the

  4. You go girl! So proud of you...thanks for the break down...because it sounds very do-able...hmmm I know that you can type faster than 30 average is 95 wpm and when I had to limit my words on my MOM CAVE post to 100...I almost used those up in the intro...ha!
    I say go for a modern comedy with a twist...perhaps a murder?

  5. Good luck!! Can't wait to read it!

  6. Words of Wisdom: Stretch your fingers and wrists before typing.

    Good luck, Cortney! La

  7. You go girl! Try Sardonic humor, sarcasm or tongue in are too funny not too! Or don't try at will come out in your voice and I'll recognize it for sure! Can't wait !!! good luck! and pressure!

  8. hey girl!
    i'm doing this challenge too-
    your aunt and i are blog buddies and she gave me your blog address!

    i'm here to wish you good luck- i've never done it either. i am songwriter, not a novelist. but i think the challenge will be fun.


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