Monday, October 25, 2010

Conventional Products, Unconventional Uses

Something happened at work today which placed me in a position to use a conventional product in an unconventional way. I will not  go into details (because it still makes my stomach turn) but I will tell you that it involved a power outage at school which resulted in no lights, no A/C ventilation, and no running water.

This "incident" has inspired me to go through the Rolodex that is in my head and review some of the products that I have been forced to use in unconventional ways. For example, you may remember this  photo from an installment of His & Her  Dinner I wrote back in August. 

My husband using a hair dryer to defrost his dinner rolls because we don't own a microwave. 
He also uses the hair dryer to trigger the A/C to come on because it's set and locked and we can't change it. 

I also admit to using an adult diaper to clean up a water spill at school because I couldn't get a hold of the maintenance department, a towel, a mop, or paper towels. 

I once saw someone use a tampon to stop a nose bleed. 

I've used my shoes as fly swatters. 

I've attempted (attempted being the operative word here) to use tin foil in place of a cookie sheet to bake on. 

The obvious clear nail polish to stop a run in nylons. 

A bathing suit  that also serves as underwear when you run out  of clean ones. 

Baby butt wipes as nose  plugs when you're in a smelly situation (like today)

The coffee maker as a heat tool to set  embossing powder. 

So, what conventional products have you used in unconventional ways? 


  1. I'm laughting at the bathing suit as underware...HAVE you seen my underware drawers...I've never run out in my LIFE! I think that if I did run out...I'd go commando before wearing my bathing
    Maybe I'll be ultra green and start using my extra skivies as packing material next time I ship you Now that's unconventional ;)

  2. For some reason, I have problems with my comments not "sticking" and so I am writing this one a second time as well.....

    #2: Oh my!!!


  3. You will do well in life Cortney because you can think outside the box. La

  4. Oh this was so much fun to read! Just decided to visit many of the blogs I follow and let everyone know that in 9 more blogs I will be having a give away to celebrate my 100th blog . Debbie

  5. That was really funny. We used to put a floor lamp under the thermostat to bring on the A/C and put frozen corn over it to get the heat to come on. Loved your make do'


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