Sunday, October 31, 2010

Laundry Matt Etiquette Pop Quiz

I have not owned a washer and dryer for over 2 years. I am okay with this. I prefer to go to the Laundry Matt every other week and do all of it at once. It has also forced me to wear more from my closet since I can't just 'wash and wear' anymore. My husband and I have stocked up on underwear to last a month each just in case I get lazy and don't feel like doing laundry. I am also  not opposed to wearing the same article of clothing more than once if I  haven't spilled (insert food item here) on it.

However, I do seem to see the same behaviors from Laundry Matt patrons during each visit and I thought I'd share a little pop quiz with you to see if you follow (or would follow) the same Laundry Matt Etiquette as I follow. **LM stands for Laundry Matt**

1.) Which day of the week is the LM typically the busiest?
     a.) Friday
     b.) Saturday
     c.) Sunday
     d.) Monday

2.) If you and another patron arrive at the same time but there are
     limited washers available you should:
     a.) Rush in and put  all your clothes in first
     b.) Use profanity loudly and then leave with out doing your laundry
     c.) Ask the other patron is they want to combine their laundry with yours
     d.) Start by putting 1 or 2 loads in and then wait for others to become
          available leaving some open for the other patron

3.) True or False: It is OK to leave your clothes in a  washer/ dryer unattended.

4.) If a washer/ dryer isn't working you should:
    a.) kick it
    b.) Put a "Out of Order" sign on it
    c.) sit back and watch other dummies try and use it

5.) True or False: If someone has left their clothes unattended you have universal  rights to take their  stuff out and put your own in.

6.) True or False:  If there are multiple patrons waiting for dryers you should try to consolidate your loads to free up dryers for others.

7.) True or False: You should hog the carts provided by the LM and watch other people struggle to carry their clothes from one end of the room to the other by the armful.

8.) True or False: You should leave your old dryer sheets in the dryer for the next person.

9.) True or False: If you spill something like detergent, you should leave it for someone else to slip on or put their hand in on accident.

10.) True or False: The 3 second rule applies to clothing you drop on the LM floor EXCEPT if you drop underwear crotch side down.

BONUS QUESTION: True or False: If you are germ-a-phobic you should use public Laundry Matts because no one ever does anything gross or disgusting in there.


1.)  Yes, Sunday is typically the busiest day at the LM. There is no good time's busy all day.

2.) The answer is d.) Start with 1 or 2 loads and then wait for others to become available leaving some open for the other patron.  I have seen people do A and B...but I just made up C, I think I would throw up if I witnessed that. I also have asked other patrons entering at the same time as me how many washers they need...I'm not afraid to talk to people, and they seem to appreciate my courtesy.

3.) True- but I wouldn't advise it. Not only are you leaving your clothes open for theft, but if you don't return by the time they are done you  will likely piss off the people who are waiting on your machines.

4.) The answer is b.) put an 'Out of Order" sign on it. Or, if they don't have signs available, stand by and advise people that it is broken before they attempt to use it. However, if you tell someone it's  broken and then they insist on "trying it" anyway-then you have permission to laugh.

5.) FALSE- Under no circumstances should you ever touch someone else's clothes.

6.) TRUE- I always try and combine loads of laundry when drying when people are waiting, it's just the polite thing to do. I even think maybe others will follow my lead after seeing me do it...but they often don't.

7.) FALSE- the carts are not intended as your purse hanger or laundry bag holder! Use them as needed and then share!

8.) FALSE- if you put it in the dryer-you should take it out of the dryer.

9.) FALSE- You spill it, you clean it.

10.) I will leave this one up to you. I don't care about a shirt sleeve, sock, or a pant leg hitting the floor...but if the undies touch the floor, they go back into the dirty laundry pile. Thankfully I have enough to last a month.

BONUS QUESTION: Nope, germ-a-phobic people should probably not use the laundry matt. If you freak out about shopping cart handles, door knobs, salad bar utensils, or other germ carrying sites then you probably shouldn't use the public laundry matt. I watched a women none night take FOREVER doing her laundry because she cleaned the washer then dried the washer then  put her clothes in and made sure it didn't touch the sides and then used a paper toweled hand to touch every can you live like that? I get germs sneezed and coughed on me all day, the last thing I'm worried about is a dryer handle!

Hope you enjoyed the comedy that is my daily life! Until next time, thanks for reading!



  1. Great, fun post! I think I can agree with all your answers...ESPECIALLY not touching another person's clothes!

    We lived with my in-laws for a few months and if she got to the dryer before I did she'd take out our clothes and fold them. She was TRYING to be nice but I was SCREAMING on the inside. Once she happened to be walking by the washing machine and heard it off so she put the laundry in the dryer. Shrunk my new blouse that was to be line dried (but machine washable). UGH!

    Did I just VENT or WHAT?!

  2. Question? Is it Landry Matt or Landromat? I'm with you EXCEPT for removing other people's clothes from the dryers...especially if they leave them unattended. That just drive me nuts. I wish there were more facilities like we had in Louisianna...they had family restaurants/bars with pool tables and games attached so you could go eat and play while waiting for your cool is that? Talk about a money But hey it's one way to kill two birds with one stone if you have to be out of the house at dinner time ;)

  3. That was so funny. I have an apartment size washer and dryer up north but use the laundromat here in the winter. The busiest times here are when there are no golf, tennis, Bocci, shuffleboard, or card games going

  4. Agree with most...except that when someone leaves their clothing unattended and the machines are all in use...20 minutes max and out come their closthes neatly into a basket! :) After all, time is precious!

    I laugh at you with the croth to the floor rule....germs don't live that long dear....throw them back in the hot dryer, kill those suckers and go on as usual! LOL


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