Monday, October 4, 2010

Broken Computer

This will be short and husband broke the computer yesterday. This not only puts a halt to my blogging for a also also means I have to go to work early today to recreate documents that are now drifting in broken computer land. If you are wondering how I am writing this, I'm on my phone. This is not my prefered blogging method. Please bare with looks like I'll be making good use of my Library card and 55 minutes of public computer use for awhile...that means no photo's for awhile too. I will try to keep up with all the blogs I follow too, but please be patient with me.

I miss you all already!


  1. Here's hoping your computer is up and running soon!!

  2. We've all been there- I don't want to go back. We'll watch for you when you can and hope you find all your documents.

  3. Ewww, yuck! Broken Computer! :(

    I can't stand trying to blog from my phone either.

    Hope it's an easy and CHEAP fix!

  4. Oh noes! Hope it is fixed soon, and then don't let your husband touch it again! ;-p

  5. I hope things get back up and running soon. I was away at my daughter's house and have not done much blog writing or reading. I missed it but had a very relaxing time. Have a good week.


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