Saturday, October 9, 2010

I'm back...kinda, sorta, maybe, almost?

My husband is slowly redeeming himself for breaking my laptop computer. Or should I say his AWESOME friends are helping redeem him. Awesome friend # 1 has been gracious enough to let me use his laptop computer the last 2 days while he's been at work. Awesome friend #2 just took our Desktop PC to repair it for us. By the end of the week I should be fully functional again! Yippee!

I never thought that I was so dependent on computers and Internet, but this week has been VERY HARD for me. I even snuck a few peeks while at work this week which I know was NOT a good idea but I just couldn't help it. Thankfully I have Internet on my phone and have been able to get a few quick peeps on that too. I spent last night roaming and reading through the 200+ blog posts that I was back logged on since last weekend. I tried to make it around to everyone and leave comments when I could.

I have soooo much to share when I get my own computer back! I did go in today and make a few small changes to the layout of my blog. Did you notice? They are really small I wont be offended if you didn't notice them. Until I'm back up on my own I thought I would share a few links to some of the posts that I have enjoyed writing and sharing the most. Many of my followers are new (within the past month or two) so I thought I would share some of the "good ole days' with you (click on the links below). I hope these will hold you over until I can get back online on a regular basis.

My very first blog post- yup, the post that started it all.

His & Her Dinner -  I hope to do a few more of these on a regular basis again soon. I like His & Her Dinner #4 the most just because I always enjoy catching my husband doing bizarre things.

Our First CA Visitors- this is the post that inspired "Friday Night Field Trips". I hope to take a few more adventures soon and share them with you.

My first book review on my blog- most of my reviews thus far have been based on historical fiction books, but I'll be adding some different genres soon.

Story Tellers, Part 1- I love taking part in this weekly meme.

Tell me, what attracted you to my blog? Do you have a favorite post that I've written? Why do you choose to come back and comment? I love any and all comments, the more the merrier!


  1. I love your blog because it's a great way for me to stay connected with you.

    L:0ve Mom

  2. I like your blog because I like to read ones that feel like I'm sitting across the table from them and we're having conversation over a cuppa something. Your site is like that. Hope you get your computer back soon.

  3. the Blog Archive...lookin good ;) I love your SENSE OF HUMOR and reading about your great adventure in your new life with your DH! And of course I love relating to your book reviews, your cooking escapades and your creativity. Blogging is the Best and so glad that we have this in common. Love Ya! Aunt Bobbi lol...aka...Roberta...aka...con-tain-it
    cause inquiring minds want to know :p

  4. You know..... I never had a computer at home till last year (I work on one all day so I didn't want one at home)... but now, I would pass out from sheer shock if I couldn't get on one every day! So I feel for ya!!!! Hope it gets fixed soon!


  5. oh i hope your computer is back up and running soon...isn't it crazy how attached we get to "checking" things! it was lovely to come across your blog! all the best with blogtoberfest!


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