Monday, August 9, 2010

Day 1 (Part 2) of my 21-Day Challenge

I am calmer now. I cried a few more times since my last post, but I think I'm okay now. It is 9 PM my time, which means that I have survived the first 22 hours without smoking. I have been awake for maybe 10 of those hours. I was able to take a 20 minute nap this afternoon.

I contemplated going to the gym, but my legs are still very sore from the Saturday and Sunday pre-challenge workouts. I did walk to the store earlier, but I bought a soda and a scratch ticket.

I saw another amazing commercial tonight that describes what it is like not to smoke...has anyone seen it? It's a guy on a fork lift (looks like he's in the garden department at Lowe's) and he is running into everything and finally puts the "load", which is a ceramic lamb, on this pad. It says something corny but true...I think it goes like this, "When you are use to doing everything with a cigarette, the simple things seem like a challenge. Re-learn life without cigarettes". SO TRUE! I do need to re-learn how to do the simple things in my daily life. To put it in perspective for you, this is what my typical smoking day looks like:

Typical Monday
6:30 AM Wake up, put coffee on, smoke while waiting
7:00 Eat breakfast then smoke
7:30 Get dressed for work, smoke
8:00 Arrive at work, smoke
8:25 Smoke before students arrive (there is a designated smoking lot at school)
9:30 Smoke break
11:30 Smoke break
12:30 Smoke break
2:00 Smoke break
3:05 School lets out, smoke
4:00 Leave school, smoke
4:30 Arrive home smoke
5:30-6 Cook dinner, smoke while waiting
6:30-7 Eat dinner, then smoke
7:30 Eat dessert, then smoke (I eat dessert every night)
8:30 Watch TV, smoke
9:30 Think about getting ready for bed, smoke
10:30 Smoke, brush teeth, go to bed

Repeat...and insert that any time I go in a store I light up before going in and then again when I come out. Also insert that if I wake up in the middle of the night and don't fall asleep right away, I will go smoke.
Thankfully, I was able to learn how to NOT smoke while driving a few weeks ago, so I already re-learned driving without smoking.

Thank you to everyone who has left comments and encouraged me today, they really helped me get through this day. I will be going to the gym tomorrow since I ate 4 fudge pops today. I look forward to a better day tomorrow and I hope you all join me tomorrow night for my Day 2 post!

Thank You! I made it 1 Day!

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  1. CONGRATULATIONS on your 1st Day ;) I didn't know that you smoked that much...I thought you just did a half-dozen or so a I love the way you described how doing everything with-out smoking is challenging...almost like someone having had a stroke and have to learn how to think, talk, walk, etc. It's almost as paralyzing the way you describe it. YOU CAN DO day, one task, one moment at a time ;) Got my post all done...finally:

    Till tomorrow, love ya!


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