Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Summer Celebration!

Welcome to the
Summer Celebration Link Party

hosted by Bloggerette Sorority Sister Nelly at Bella Nella's

Let's get the party started!

First, I thought I would share my favorite summer picture of all time.
That is a little me, 20+ years ago. I shouldn't be proud of my very white bum, but I just love how funny my mom thinks it is!

Next, a summer couldn't go by without sending out a Happy Birthday wish to my older brother.

Happy 29th Birthday Wes! (August 19th)

And, my favorite summer memory? The first and only time I ever went to sleep away summer camp.

My dad dropping me off for 2 weeks!

Good times, good times. Can you find me? I'm dead center standing up making a monkey face and muscle  arms.

Okay, now on to the Summer Celebration Challenge. I thought about what I could create, so I began by thinking about what I enjoyed the most about the summer. Two things kept coming to mind. 1.)Reading books and, 2.)Crossing my fingers that Carl and I would be able to go to the ocean and see a sunset at least once.

Here is what I can up with...

I hope  you can see it okay. It's a book mark of the sunset using various textured papers. I wanted to make something practical that I could use, and this is perfect for me! Plus- I had fun making it.

I hope everyone is having a great summer and I look forward to visiting every one's Summer Celebration!
Thank you again to Bella Nella for hosting this link party!
School starts in 3 weeks, so I'm going to let the summer fun continue and hopefully I will be able to visit the ocean, sit in the sand with a good book, and catch a real California sunset!


  1. Love your classic summer pics! Looks like you were having fun at summer camp! :) I tagged you in a post this morning...please play along if you'd like! :)

  2. "Who has got that Coopertone Tan?"
    That's why your mum is laughing so hard...no could resist checking out kids bums after that commercial. Nowadays it wouldn't be allowed to air...so sad ;) I always get Wes's b'day mixed up as the 18th and not the 19th!! Like your bookmark...I thought it was a soildered piece at first and though...wow...when did she learn that? Summer is not over yet here, weather wise and I'm holding onto it for as long as possible! I checked out the Bella blog but there is not "linky" area to check out everyone who participate...hmmmm

  3. I like the bookmark! Great pictures, my mom would find my white bum funny, too.

  4. Hi Courtney,

    Love your post with all the pictures and your bookmark is awesome! The way you capture all the colors of a sunset is just genius! Thanks for participating. You're lucky to live in California near beaches full time.

    Enjoy the rest of your summer!


  5. Hey there...where is my coppertone baby? Sweet white cheeks and all! Love you! Great job on the book mark, I like the theme and finished product!

  6. Courtney, Thanks for dropping by my post. I really enjoyed looking at your pics from yesteryear. Your bookmark is really pretty-love the colors especially. You commented on using the baby wipe-well I found this great book on how to do a lot of different techniques-it's "Artist Trading Card Workshop", written by Bernie Berlin. Check it out--. I'm now following you too.


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