Saturday, August 14, 2010

Day #5 and #6 of my 21-Day Challenge

Don't worry, I'm still on the wagon...I just got in too late last night to post.

Yesterday I learned how to clean the house with out smoking. I also started to come down with a little head cold which has morphed into a full blown head cold today. It could be related to the not smoking thing since I think it is in my chest too. Oh well, better to be sick now rather than when school is in session!

I also learned that I no longer need to carry a purse when I go out with my husband because, 1.) He has his wallet and money and as you know, 'what's mine is mine and what's his is mine too', 2.) I can put my licence in his wallet if needed, 3.) I don't have anything to carry with me because I don't have cigarettes anymore. I don't carry make-up and he can carry the car keys in his pocket. I also don't take my cell phone out since he has his with him already...and nobody calls me after 8PM anyway.

Today I learned that I can spend 2+ hours shopping in Michael's Craft store without thinking about smoking and not rushing to get out of the store so I can smoke. Look at all the goodies I got...and they were on clearance!
I've never looked in the bead section before, but look at all the cute embellishments I found!
I wonder what I can do with that SISTER sticker??? I see a future Bloggerette Sorority Project!
This is actually from a store called 8 Ball in Burbank that is going out of business.

I'd seen these before, but now I have a plan for them!
Each card is about 8 1/2 x 6 in.

Yes, $7.00 for 148 12x12 papers!

I have enough stuff to keep my hands and mind occupied for awhile! I have not made it to the gym again, but I have not given up on it yet. I did get a workout while at Michael's today though, all that squatting up and down looking at the shelves, bending, reaching, walking around the store...that counts right?


  1. Love those flash cards...can't wait to see what you create with them...I could see them as wall decorations...hmmm It is always fun to shop when you don't really need anything and you find such cool stuff on clearance. I might go to Michaels today cause they have an extra percentage off coupon this afternoon. Maybe, maybe not...cause it's Sunday and I'm so lazy :) Hope you feel might want to pick up an expectorant if it's in your chest...don't need a respiratory infections...yuk!

  2. I hadn't read your blog in a couple days - you have been a busy girl! Where is the yarn? LOL Looks like you have plenty to keep you busy and creating for a while now. I'm glad you are making great progress and hope you are feeling better soon!

    Love you!

  3. What a great trip to Michael's! Looks like you've got a lot of crafty fun coming!


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